Everything Butt: Matt

Today’s Everything Butt post is a departure from what you’re used to seeing. Matt is not some porn star who’s spreading his cheeks or getting fisted all over the place. Of course, if I’m mistaken about this, you’re all welcome to send me links to his work…

As far as I can tell, Matt is just a regular guy who did an incredibly charming nude shoot with photographer Joe Mazza. He’s a hairy young man with a flirtatious smirk that makes me want to drop his pants. Also, he’s packing some serious booty. I’m kind of in love with his ass (hence his inclusion amongst a bunch of porn stars in this feature).

– Dewitt

p.s.  J. Harvey here! Matt gave out this info in the comments, so we thought we’d help him out. He’s on Manhunt! If you want to see even SEXIER pics of him – here’s his “lance_o_lot” profile.

Photo credit: Joe Mazza

Click through for more photos of Matt:

87 thoughts on “Everything Butt: Matt

  1. Thank goodness–FINALLY a guy you could take home to meet your Mother–that your Father might want to get off with–Thanks.xx

  2. If he took those black socks off I might be able to get hard enough to do him right and make him moan but not a moment before then! Although I would be cool with sucking on his nipples and eating out his hole as he held those sweet cheeks open for me.

  3. nothing wrong with any part of this guy.  he would probably have a comment about some part of you that would have to go- like maybe your mouth?

  4. Hate to say this, but the guy doesn’t do a thing for me.  He may have a nice ass, but that’s about it.

  5. I guess when you’ve dated and slept with porn stars (who amongst us hasn’t?) you get a little desensitized by the VGL HUNK JOCK STUD JOCK.  None of that is as charming as this little guy.  How cute he is!

  6. I’ve talked to this guy online a few times. I wanted to hook up with him, because he lived around my area. Never happened. Nice to see he is getting mentioned.

  7. Not seeing it at all. Not cute, and his ass is nothing special. It’s not even good photography. By all means feature average Joes, but for me he isn’t even that.

  8. I love him.  Even if I didn’t I wouldn’t waste my fingers by hating on him or picking apart every little detail I might not have liked.  He’s a sweet kid and they are sweet images of him.    I’d LOVE to see a blog post with the full body nude shots of all haters that spend their time trashing everyone else.   PLEASE PLEASE – put yourself out there.  It’ll be fun! 🙂

  9. I do love the pics Joe took of me a lot but I think I look ugly with no facial hair lol I wish they would of put pics on here of me in my fireman pants all scruffy. Lol I am on dudesnude as djskype or manhunt as lance_o_lot. And to answer mohsguy I’m vers yes

  10. good pick Witty. The thing I like about him, yeah, he s hot. But  he looks like a guy you  see in real life unlike those muscle that look like they never leave the set or don t really exist. I like this guy.

  11. I hope all these guys that appear in posts like this are in the proper, preferred age range for gays: 18-29. Outside of that range gays don’t want or need. 

  12.  That is one of the stupidest comments I’ve ever heard! I say we don’t need idiots with this kind of attitude.

  13. Definitely the guy next door. A little soft and cuddly; I like that. Nice cock and pleasing ass. I’ll invite him over for next Friday night.

  14. Thanks for the dudesnude link.  A lot more information there, as well as photos and videos!  Thanks. 

  15. OMG what a cutie. The butt is to die for nice and plump and the cock oh my i could love it for hours.Your a great lookin guy. love it.

  16. Agreed. I always find fascinating that people don’t realise that we all grow older, and that being young is not an achievement:-)

  17. I’m with you on that statement Biguy77071. At last a normal looking lad, with a glint in his eye! I wish he lived next door to me! Wuff!! 

  18. Agree… Fat ass… fat head… no shoulders or chest!   There is a reason he has a shirt on in most of the pictures!

  19.  I swear to god that there is one scary assjerk who keeps posting under different aliases with the most ridiculous, insane, hellish bullshit in the comments. We’re going to start looking at e-mail and IP addresses. I can guarantee you that the IP of this twat contains the numbers 666 and the e-mail address is of a porn star who shall not be named. But here’s a hint: human ottoman got slapped.

    Oh and duh – bitch, you will get old one day. Think about it.

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