Everyone’s gagging over January 6 hearing’s mysterious “Clark Kent”–was his identity just revealed?

Last night’s January 6 hearing presented an unflinching account of Donald Trump‘s sketchy behavior in the hours after he riled up his mob, but the primetime broadcast provided one moment of levity as viewers discussed the Clark Kent doppelgänger seated behind witnesses Matthew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews.

The mysterious look-a-like soon started trending across social media.

Next came a tidal wave of jokes that he was obviously there to cover the hearings for The Daily Planet. It’s low-hanging fruit and countless hands reached out to pick it.

One gay viewer put things into perspective, tweeting: “Being gay and on Twitter means that you have zero idea if American democracy will survive but you do know that there was a very attractive guy with Clark Kent glasses at the latest January 6th hearing.”

TMZ says they’ve identified him as 23-year-old Alex Wollet, a med school student from Ohio who’s currently doing a fellowship at The National Institutes of Health.

Case closed?

Via Queerty

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