Everyone’s gagging over January 6 hearing’s mysterious “Clark Kent”–was his identity just revealed?

Last night’s January 6 hearing presented an unflinching account of Donald Trump‘s sketchy behavior in the hours after he riled up his mob, but the primetime broadcast provided one moment of levity as viewers discussed the Clark Kent doppelgänger seated behind witnesses Matthew Pottinger and Sarah […]

Raging Stallion: This Is The Only Good Thing To Come Out Of Our Current Presidential Administration

Our country (that would be the U.S.A. for those of you readers who aren’t fucked) is fucked right now because we have a poorly drawn cartoon character for a president. Raging Stallion took pity on us, and decided to take lemons and make lemonade. Michael […]

Manhunt Asks: Which States Have The “Smallest Hands” In Trump’s America?

He does seem to have teeny, tiny hands… We all know the correlation people make between small hands and small “manhoods” – in fact, it was a correlation that was repeatedly made during the Republican primaries. Sadly, it would have probably been made during the […]