Editor’s Note: This Is A Blog & Neal Dodson’s Heterosexuality

Suck It

I've noticed that a lot of people have been asking the same question on some posts–"How is this news?" Well, let me tell you a little secret… this is a blog. 

It's not necessarily "news" when Brazilian reality TV stars or MTV personalities get naked and shows off their cocks, but we don't see you complaining on those entries! By now, you should know what sort of site this is, you know? If you want to hear about the latest news on swine flu, there are other sites out there.

Also, since this is a blog and all, it's sort of our job to sensationalize every day occurrences like two guys walking their dogs. We're not sorry about talking about how much of a 'mo Zachary Quinto is, but we do want to apologize for suggesting that actor Neal Dodson is doing him hardcore up the butt. 

As some of you pointed out, the two actors attended college together and graduated in the same class. With that knowledge, it seems a little less random for them to be hanging out. 

To sum it all up, it's none of our business whether Dodson likes cock or va-jay-jays, though it's nice to at least imagine him pounding the hell out of Mr. Quinto. Wishful thinking, but of course.

– Dewitt

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7 thoughts on “Editor’s Note: This Is A Blog & Neal Dodson’s Heterosexuality

  1. Thank you! Blogs are not journalism, people shouldn’t expect that when they come here, you guys have a great mix of serious news and fun stories. Don’t change a ting!

  2. This is the internet. Lighten up. It’s not like it’s real life or anything.
    Keep doing what you’re doing! I really enjoy this blog.

  3. At the risk of making you get even MORE defensive (if that’s possible), I need to tell you a little secret.
    Have you ever noticed that line at the end of each of your blog entries? You know, the one that says “Post a comment?”
    I missed the comment asking for an update on the swine flu (silly me, I only read blog entries that interest me and rarely read the comments otherwise). But I’m fairly sure the request to “Post a comment” is, well, a request for comments to be posted.
    Just a few days ago, you held a contest open to anyone willing to leave a comment. Now you’re saying you only want people to comment if they don’t question the validity of your entries, don’t question why you even chose to publish certain entries, and don’t say anything that could in any way be perceived as less than worshipful of your amazing blog?
    If it’s not too much to ask, could you put that at the end of each entry instead of the misleading “Post a comment” that gives people the impression they can give their opinions on your opinions? That way, you won’t have to suffer the horrific pain of reading comments you don’t like ever again.
    Wishful thinking, but of course.

  4. Tommy seriously? This entry was written so people would comment and u sure fell for it (as did I). But just reading what Dewitt wrote, he’s not asking people to not comment bad things, he’s just clarifying the purpose of the blog. I enjoy reading the blog and if I wanted the latest news on Swine I would go to CNN or something. Enjoy it for what it is.

  5. hallelujah, I find the blog entertaining, it’s a shame that there are so many people commenting that take themselves so seriously, pitiful.

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