Straight From Spain, It’s Superman

Fuck Krypton. Clark Kent is from Spain! He goes by Jano_Barcelona on Manhunt. His abs are available to wash laundry upon, and if you need to be held aloft on a ski slope ala’ Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing, he’s your man. His iliac furrow (aka “cum gutters”) is perfection. How do we import him to the States? This calls for a Kickstarter.

– J. Harvey

Check out more pics of Jano_Barcelona below:






You need to know more about him! Click here!



14 thoughts on “Straight From Spain, It’s Superman

  1. Well, my name is Steve Rodgers. The same name as Captain America. I was called “Capt” throughout school.

  2. it might be inappropriate but I have seen far worse with respect to handling of the American flag and so what if he does not look american WHAT’S YOUR POINT R U implying that only people who look 2 be american can handle the american flag ?

  3. I was looking at that too, going – what is this point of this? Especially since he’s hairless everywhere else.

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