Drawn to You: Reindeer Games

Get ready for EVERY

Christmas Furry pic on Tumblr.


Oh, it feels like forever that I’ve been threatening to post the massive collection of Reindeer Furry Pornz on Manhunt Daily. I’m glad the day is finally here. Prepare to be turned on, then disturbed, then probably turned on again, then to spend some time googling things like “what is a furry?” and “how to tell if you’re a furry?


Welcome to my gay Christmas Reindeer Utopia:


I can’t offer you even a hint of an explanation for why this is such a prolific genre suddenly, but every time I saw a reindeer with a big dick scroll past my dash, I made sure I tucked it into a folder to save for today.


Merry Christmas, Manhunt Daily!  Or – if you don’t celebrate Christmas – enjoy all these furry-antlered, anthropomorphic sex animals! I think one of them is actually a moose!


– tyler

3 thoughts on “Drawn to You: Reindeer Games

  1. I just wanted to say that I fully expected to come in here and be chased with torches and pitchforks for this post, and you guys actually posted OTHER weirdo furry stuff. I’m so glad to be here. Merry Christmas to ALL!

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