Quickie: The 12 Bros of Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!
Take off your pants!


It’s finally actually almost Christmas, and what better way to celebrate than with a big pile of boys being boys? While you’re trapped at home with family or stuck working on Christmas eve, here’s hoping the 12 Bros of Christmas can help brighten up your spirits (before the big pile of anime/furry reindeer I’m gonna drop in here tomorrow for actual Christmas):


I hope you all get exactly what you want this year ?

Some Christmas bros via Bros Without Clothes.

– tyler

10 thoughts on “Quickie: The 12 Bros of Christmas

  1. Ok I know they’re supposed to be sexy (and they are) but that pic of Santa just holding the hunk is so sweet

  2. Carrying the hunk or holding his hand? I like the one holding his hand. But somehow it look quite creepy too, like a perv old man leading an innocent boy into the wooden cabin for some woody fun time of themselves… LOLjoking! Happy Christmas to you!

  3. Happy Christmas to you too. I have to agree with you that the one with Santa holding the hunks hand is a little creepy, but the one with the stud on Santas lap is quite special, it’s as if Santa is cuddling him saying it’ll be alright I’ll take care of you

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