Do People Actually Work Out At David Barton Gyms?

Now I’ve never been to a David Barton gym, but I’ve heard… well, things. The facilities have more of a reputation for their cruising potential than their ability to get you fit. In fact, someone in our office says they know someone who has a membership for David Barton and a membership to another gym they actually work out in. Um, so it’s basically an exclusive muscle-club with membership dues?

I mean, check out this photo from the Astor Place location. Who the hell decorated this shit? Are those skeletons supposed to make me want to work out? Because they make me want to eat ten cheeseburgers. I’m just sayin’. Did I mention they have DJs spinning? Throw in a drag queen lip-synching Katy Perry songs, and we’re basically in a gay club. I wonder if they serve booze at the juice bar.

– Dewitt

7 thoughts on “Do People Actually Work Out At David Barton Gyms?

  1. That’s hysterical. i actually did not join David Barton until i knew i had a body that could contend with the people that go there. To be slightly imperfect in that place is a sin. and so, it’s not for the tame of heart. and yes, it’s cruisy, but god damn everyone looks so good how could it not be.

  2. David Barton Chelsea is kind of like Epic @ Roxy in Boston on a Saturday night. It’s a super-gay music club with weight machines. Everyone’s in one clique or another, you can never get a machine and its ALWAYS packed and people are there to cruise and so forth. I’ve “heard” things that go on in the sauna and steam rooms but I guess I’m too naive to believe it. Yes, they have DJs there. I hooked up with one.

  3. I’m a member at the Chelsea location and have also worked out at the Astor Place location. I prefer the Astor Place location mostly for the fact that there are about triple the amount of machines and it’s less crowded.
    I do have to admit though, it is a bit intimidating seeing as how I don’t have a gym body.
    And yes, things do go on in the steam room/sauna. I’ve hooked up with some pretty hot guys in there.

  4. I will never forget the day when my good friend (a female) decided she wanted to try her hand at being a personal trainer at another gym… She went into Barton asked and they immediately told her it wouldn’t be the place for her as they almost exclusively hire men… This was years ago but that alone made me shy away from ever going to this gym…

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