DJ AM Might Have Died From Drug Overdose


I know this is old news now but last Friday, DJ AM was found dead in his New York City apartment. Police aren't confirming the cause of death, but the all signs point to an accidental drug overdose as crack paraphernalia were found near his body. AM was sober for 11 years and had recently relapsed. Reports are claiming that either a heartbreak from a recent breakup or post traumatic stress from his near death plane crash a few months ago might have been the reason for the relapse. Rest in peace.

– Andy

2 thoughts on “DJ AM Might Have Died From Drug Overdose

  1. I extend to the family of DJ AM my most sincere apologies. I wish that stuff like this didn’t happen, but the harsh reality is, we all have a time to go. It’s up to us if we don’t help the forces that conspire against us to further the damage we cause to ourselves. In all honesty, I’m saddened that he died, and will miss him, but at least now he is with the rest of his band.

  2. Its very Sad that we are hearing about this kind of Deaths more and more, Stars and Friends and Families in the party life, Addiction is very powerful, my condolence to the Family, he was a Awsome DJ

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