Lil’ Mama Puts On Her Best Dr. Phil Face

Last night's America's Best Dance Crew felt like an episode of Dr. Phil. The all gay group Vogue Evolution had some backstage drama before last week's episode and Lil' Mama took it upon herself to address the issue. As you can see from Leyomi's reaction (3:19), she wasn't feeling Lil' Mama reminding her that she was born a man. I mean it's like the pot calling the kettle black. Wait, so Lil' Mama wasn't born a man? Damn.

Anyways, was Lil' Mama correct in calling Leyomi out or should she just stick to critiquing their dance moves? Oh, their performance was OK. I thought Rhythm City had the best performance of the night.

– Andy

For Rhythm CIty's performance, follow the JUMP:

14 thoughts on “Lil’ Mama Puts On Her Best Dr. Phil Face

  1. hmm excuse me andy..but bitches like you like to talk shit but i dont think you can even do it. There the first gay group and i think you should be less a bitch and more on their side cuz not alot of people are. where’s dewitt…u need not to do the blogs no more and thanks for not copying perez hilton. 🙂 and ya im a bitch too but i like V.E

  2. I say we just support Vogue Evolution and let’s hope they can all keep it together! Stay focused and bring the heat! You do have to consider she is probably taking hormones too. So lets hope she can keep it together on her own and keeps a sane mind.

  3. Am I reading too much into it or does Mama have a strong grasp of what Leyomi means to transgenders across the nation? This crew can be fierce if they do not succumb to the drama.

  4. Just because you were born a man doens’t make you a man.
    How dare that woman make that comment.
    Low class.

  5. RC had the best one? damn glad i missed that show, then, it’s a good style too, ruined too much by this >.>
    but they had an awful song to work with, so i don’t blame them entirely
    i’ve always thought of JC as the best “judge” for that show. cuteness is perk.

  6. from my own personal opinion yes lil mama was being rude..every group has and will have drama…VE are in the spot light because there gay and they vogue…not many appreciate the style…i my self vogue in the st.louis ball scene and yes it takes alot of work….so just give them their…yes leyomi is transgender…what the hell does that have to do with her clicking out…shit everybody clicks out….called a breaking point…i personally dont know why the hell lil mama is even a judge to began when she cant even dance let alone rap….and finally who the fuck she this she is calling anybody out…its is up most disrepect to called a transgender by their past gender and not the gender they perfer to be classified in..i strong believe a public apology is in order….kids get in a gag on their next performance….now served the kidz…

  7. i know what lil mama’s sentiment was… she might have chosen the wrong words, but she didn’t mean any harm at all.
    vogue evolution is an amazing group, and honestly they are the only reason i watch the show. i don’t want to see straight people dancing together, i want to see people who [look like me] and [represent my community]…
    there is drama in every group, so this isn’t anything big, i’m still supporting them

  8. I found nothing wrong with what Lil mama said and think gays criticizing her are just to damn sensitive.I personally dont like VOGUE EVOLUTION,i find voguing tacky and tasteless.

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