Westboro Baptist Church Targets Adam Lambert

Will the Westboro Baptist Church ever go away? Until they do I just don't think I can resist writing about them. In their latest escapades they are protesting Adam Lambert with "God Hates Fags" signs and singing about how "Brokeback Mountain made God angry". That song made me chuckle a little to be honest with you.

There were some counter protesters who managed to get the video above of the gay-hating young women. One of them actually seems pretty friendly, too bad they've all been brainwashed by their crazy family. Sometimes I wish I could stop paying attention to these people, but it's like a train wreck, you just can't look away!

– Andy

5 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Church Targets Adam Lambert

  1. posting and talking about them just gives them power why doesn’t everyone just ignore them? though chasing them with pitch forks could also be fun ^_^

  2. Much like that blonde skinny republican Anne coulter or whatever, I think this group is fake. Like this group are actually secretly very pro homosexuality, and trying to draw attention to the fact that maybe the Bible is wrong. I mean like they said, it is what the bible says…but does it make what they are saying and doing right? I think it kind of gets people questioning their beliefs and the bible in general. So to them I say keep up the good work, keep people questioning. Cause let’s face it, all churches basically say the same thing about us. They may be a little nicer about it, with that crap about hate the sin, not the sinner, but they still think you are going to hell.

  3. Sorry bw…this group is not a fake! For many years I lived in a small community in the midwest…they “REALLY” believe this crap!
    That’s the sad part, it is not something made up, or something to ridicule…these people have been brought up to believe this.
    Think about it…if you were a poor down trodden uneducated person, and someone took you by the hand and told you that if you made stupid signs and protested faggots funerals, and wedding, and whatever, that you could help save the world from the rath of some REALLY mean and pissed off god that they had raised you to believe in, and taught you that in “at least” this “one” way, “YOU” were superior…
    AND that some high profile people, some stars and celebrities would try to convince you of the error of your ways…but that they were just secret faggots too! So that you were “more” determined in your beliefs!
    How difficult would it be for someone to change your mind about things.
    This problem won’t be going away anytime soon…these people not only live and breath these belief, they are breeding and training more and more…

  4. I’m from topeka…they’re the worst. what everyone needs to do is IGNORE THEM…and not post anything about them or give them any press or mention. I hope to see them all in hell:)

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