Disney+ Gave Its ‘Love, Simon’ Spinoff to Hulu

After being pretty heavily touted last year, the Love, Simon spinoff series will no longer be a part of Disney+ programming. The show, which has yet to launch, will instead be a Hulu exclusive, named Love, Victor.

Differing from the original film created by Greg Berlanti, the new series will follow Victor, a new student in Creekwood High School. He becomes pen pals with Simon who offers him advice as he struggles through self-discovery and all the typical team problems. Typical teen problems that apparently were too racy.

According to Deadline sources, plotlines in the show surrounding drug use and sexuality made it too racy for Disney+ execs who want content there to be more “family-friendly.”So instead, they shipped it off to another streaming platform.That said, Hulu is apparently quite excited and has already  begun to explore the possibility for a second season though the first won’t launch until June. 

Love, Victor is fronted by Michael Cimono, who, to public knowledge is not gay — it should be noted here that neither is Nick Robinson who played Simon in the original and is the narrator and the executive producer on this new series. 

Elizabeth Berger and Isac Aptaker, who were writers for Love, Simon, serve as screenwriters and co-showrunners for the new series.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the company can find some openly LGBTQ+ characters that are “family-friendly.”

Via Out.com

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