Waking up with a nice fuck

Darren Everett is napping when hunky Nick Duncan crawls on top of him and begins rubbing his back. Darren rolls over and the two start passionately kissing and groping each other’s crotch. Darren’s sporting a bulge growing in his jeans and as soon as their shirts come off Nick shoves his hand down Darren’s jeans.

Darren soon finds himself naked and Nick slides down to get a little taste of Darren’s thick, uncut piece of manhood. Not wanting to pass up his chance, Darren has Nick kneel on the bed and he pulls down Nick’s jeans. Nick’s uncut cock springs straight up and Darren swallows every last inch of it. Nick lies back on the bed and throws his legs in the air. His ass is fully exposed and Darren wastes no time burying his face and tongue deep into Nick’s hole.

Darren starts jacking his cock while he’s priming Nick’s ass. Nick rolls over on all fours, points his ass up and Darren quickly fills Nick’s hole with his rock-hard dick. Nick begins pounding away at Darren’s ass and Darren grabs his cock and begins stroking.

Nick’s cock hits that magical spot deep inside Darren’s ass and Darren can’t hold back anymore. His balls all but disappear as he’s stroking his dick and he starts squirting load after load all over the sheets. Darren pulls out and as he jacks himself, he manages to coat Nick’s asshole and balls with his creamy white jizz.


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