Derek Atlas is Cruisey

Markie More is a lucky slut.


I was literally laughing and clapping my way through this whole preview because I fucking LOVE Derek Atlas and I love that he’s smoking and waiting for the bus and just happens to catch Markie More strutting around like a little punk and then just fucks him and fucks him.

This is such a good pairing (although there’s an argument to be made that Markie More works with basically anybody – he’s just very good at his job) and I will watch Derek Atlas do basically anything. He’s my body role model and I love that he gets to be sexy af without having to worry about his body fat percentage or how many abs you can see all the time. Dude is killin it 24/7.

Here’s the summary:


Fresh off the plane for a Vegas weekend, Markie More is in no mood to waste anytime getting his party freak on. Once he settles in at his hotel, he immediately hits the Strip to try and dredge up some action. The best thing about Sin City is its full of sinners like Derek Atlas, guys just waiting for an opportunity for a quick score. So as Markie spots him leaning at the bus stop, he gives him a look and that’s all it takes for Derek to follow. They agree to head back to Markie’s hotel room and Derek tells Markie he needs a quick shower before.

Cut to the hotel room, and Derek comes out of the shower to find Markie seated in the corner naked, legs spread, stroking his cock. Derek makes his way over to Markie, losing his robe and exposing his own hard cock. Markie doesn’t hesitate to swallow every inch of Derek’s meat, gagging on this stranger’s cock as he runs his hands up Derek’s chest.

Derek gets hard as can be, throwing Markie onto the bed and going down on him before flipping him over and eating his ass. Derek tongues Markie’s hole until it’s nice and ready for a good stiff one, which Derek shoves inside Markie from behind. Pounding him doggy style, Derek shows no regard for Markie, fucking him as hard as he can. Markie takes every inch willingly and begs for more, flipping Derek over and riding him as he uses his hands to spread his cheeks even wider for Derek’s rod.





Seriously! How do you not love that!


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You can watch all the Vegas fuckin’ here. 


And Next Door Buddies is still on sale (as per our apology post) if you were thinking about watching a LOT of Markie More takin/givin the dick.



– tyler

6 thoughts on “Derek Atlas is Cruisey

  1. Gorgeous guys and hot video.

    However that being said the smoking thing is a big turn off hopefully Derek doesnt actually smoke.

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