Does Context Make the Glory Hole?

Because this is a board with a hole in it.


And I refuse to accept it as a “glory hole.”

This started off as a Sex and the City knockoff post (I’m rewatching that entire show again from the beginning so the temptation to make a lot of puns is weighing heavily on me now) wherein “I couldn’t help but wonder” if the setting is what makes a glory hole a Glory Hole. But the more I thought about it and tried to write it, the angrier I got. This is just a hole in a board. And that guy knows it’s a dude on the other side of the board. And he probably even knows exactly who it is because I think at one point they’re making eye contact over the top of the board. AND they didn’t even bother to paint or finish the edge of the board that faces the camera, making it VERY CLEAR that this is just a piece of plywood.

This meets literally zero percent of the criteria for glory holes, save for the fact that it’s a hole and there’s a penis in it. Here. Watch:





You get some ambient noise, or some props, or even a thick marker to color in that plywood edge, and then maybe we can talk about calling this a glory hole. Or better still, go someplace that has an actual glory hole and let “Doug” fulfill his “it’s not gay it’s just a blowjob” fantasies there! You could do it early in the day or after hours so that “Doug” could feel safe. I don’t know. These are just ideas. But damn. Lazy:


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Idk man.


– tyler

11 thoughts on “Does Context Make the Glory Hole?

  1. I have seen guys profiles that have built glory hole booths and offer anonymous blow jobs to guys that way. They show up at their place stick there dick through the hole get sucked off and leave is the idea without ever seeing the sucking host. Of course my state has porn stores with back rooms and the same set up as well but that is pay to go in back and get off but they do have movies to watch to help with the fantasy of it all.

    But no a board with a hole in it and holding it is not a glory hole to me either!

  2. A board with a hole in it is a board with a hole in it, why not just ditch the board and pound each other?

  3. OH my dog yes. Yeah. I’ve never been able to explain it, but that’s why I watched the first three seasons of the League. Very into him and Jonathan Lajoie for some reason. I could do with some slash fic between those two please. <3

  4. If I was into just giving blow jobs to guys and did not want every Tom Dick and Harry trying to see it and or get their done as well I think it would be fine having one but then again inviting a bunch of random people to your place can be risque as well. Just never know who might come to the door personality wise.

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