A Trip To The Barbershop with Micah Brandt

Featuring your barber, Bennett Anthony!


See. This is the kind of roleplay I was describing in this post when I was bemoaning the elaborate setups and characters that some performers just don’t pull off that well.  This is exactly as much frame story as I need to get me into a situation. Is Bennett Anthony a good pretend barber? Mmmm… no it doesn’t seem like it. There’s a lot more head grabbing/holding than when I go to the barber to get my fade touched up. But would I let him grab my head anyway, and just go with the flow? I probably would. He’s wicked hot and has precisely the kind of pushy/bossy attitude when he gets going that I like.

And if you don’t know how I feel about Micah Brandt by now, then you’re ignoring all the things. This dude is flawless. Up until this scene, I’ve kind of assumed that he was just the king of cocoa butter or something, because he always has this sheen to his skin that I can’t explain. But I’m starting to grow convinced that he might just be a glossy individual. Like he just might be so fucking fine that he somehow literally shines.

Also, they don’t show it in the teaser, but Micah has probably my all time favorite ‘get naked’ maneuver in the full scene where he kicks off his shoes while Bennett is choking on his cock, stands up, shucks his pants in one swift move and sits right back down to grab his dick.  It’s, A+.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Watch these two gag on each other’s dicks and then listen to all the amazing noises Brandt makes getting pounded:



I love this. And I love it as a teaser for all the great shit that Titan has lined up with Bennett and Brandt. Titan is knocking it out of the park pretty consistently (they’re in the midst of a whole baseball thing right now that I haven’t put on here yet, but is still pretty great) and they’re definitely taking home some Grabbys this year. If you’re on the fence about something new to sign up for, Titan is a pretty safe bet. Assuming you like watching hot guys who get naked and jam themselves up inside of other hot, naked dudes. I don’t know what you’re into. I’m into THIS a lot:


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You can watch the full version of this scene right here.


God damn.


– tyler

21 thoughts on “A Trip To The Barbershop with Micah Brandt

  1. Well I’m going to have to go back to Titan, I used to love their videos (Tresspass with the mesmerizing Dred Scott is a particular fav) but rather lost interest in recent years. But the combo of two of my fav performers has certainly got my attention.

  2. Trespass has been digitally remastered into 1080p widescreen and will be re-released at TitanMen in a couple of weeks. And your membership includes 1080p downloads as well!

  3. Well thank you for the update, i might just buy it but I still have the DVD set I bought when it came out (yes I’m that old).

  4. I just realized that there is very little barber-scripted porn. Even straight porn there’s not a lot of hair dresser/salon concepts. I approve of this scene! Bennett’s body be bangin.

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