Dear Rod Daily, Can You Always Be A Sexy Professor?

Someone already beat us to writing about Reese Rideout‘s new beard, which is probably for the best since we write about Randy Blue way too much. Alas, there are other gay porn stars who’ve donned new looks in their latest scenes, and there’s no better example than Rod Daily. Fact! He is nine-hundred times more boner-worthy with glasses on.

Okay, okay! Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I mean, Rod has always been a sexy fucker, but his recent gig as a horny professor? It’s put a huge tent in our shorts. We’re hot for teacher in the worst way possible, and we don’t think this crush will go away until he takes those glasses off. Speaking of which, can you please never take those glasses off, Rod Daily? Thanks.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Rod Daily

To check out Rod Daily and Dylan Hauser in action, follow the JUMP:

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22 thoughts on “Dear Rod Daily, Can You Always Be A Sexy Professor?

  1. Rod Daily is hot as hell but those glasses don’t work with his look. The buzzcut and the tattoos aren’t “nerd”. Sticking a pair of glasses on doesn’t make it work.

  2. as a college professor in the US what I can say, from my experiences around the country, is a)most of us do not wear shirts with white collars and cuffs (that is very 90s wall street) to work, and b) most of us do not have offices with new/hip furniture and good/multiple windows.

    many of us have multiple tattoos now, with a variety of hidden and displayed percentages. personally I always keep my office door open because of all kinds of sexual harassment issues that may arise and only close my office door if another faculty is in it with me (or when I want to be alone)…

    funny thing is that every time a student asks for extra credit and say they “will do anything” I have an internal smile, because I immediately think of a porno’s thin plot line like this one lol (and who grades with a sharpie? lol)

    another interesting thing is that most female students seem to flirt openly with me (bend forward and show some cleavage, play with their hair, laugh and bat their eyes, etc) even though I am publicly out at school… I guess they r raise to be flirty with men… maybe I am also too slow and uninterested to notice when a male student is doing that as well… I like older men that already have a couple degrees 😉 …. any other college professors out here?

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