Kellan Lutz Loses His Shirt For Abbot + Main

Twilight muscleman Kellan Lutz is the pecs, abs, and face for clothing line Abbot + Main. Lest you think he’s just a ridiculously cut body, Lutz also co-designed the line. All this, and making it work for the runway, too. See, he’s right – he’s not just a piece of meat for your fapping enjoyment.

Fashion photography cracks me up because there’s usually but a glimpse of the clothes, and the rest is body, body, body. It’s hard to even tell what’s part of the line – that t-shirt? Her panties? Perhaps it’s the hoodie? It’s more like nipples for sale. This isn’t a complaint, because selling a hot bod is never a problem. ¬†Clothes are boring and a smokin’ guy shirtless is always intriguing.

– J. Harvey

For more pics of Kellan, Follow the JUMP:

7 thoughts on “Kellan Lutz Loses His Shirt For Abbot + Main

  1. The blonde look was definitely hotter. For me anyway, and I’m not usually into real “blondie” types. But I could go for him if his hair was green!!!

  2. i love him so much more as a burnette rather than a blonde.  this boy is all kinds of hot.

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