David Ramsey’s Underrated Body

Do you watch the CW’s Arrow? If so, you probably watch in part because actor Stephen Amell is a body god. But do yourself a favor, stop fapping to Amell for one second and look beside him at David Ramsey. He’s the guy playing Arrow’s confidante John Diggle, and he’s hot! It’s just that all the fap focus is on Green Arrow.

David has body, and the producers occasionally let him shine by having him shirtless or in a tank top. Green Arrow needs to stop hogging the spotlight and accept Diggle’s hotness. David Ramsey can diggle me anytime. I don’t know what that meant, but it was supposed to express that I’d let David Ramsey bang the hinges off my doors.

– J. Harvey

david ramsey shirtless arrow

david ramsey shirtless arrow

david ramsey shirtless arrow








The Odyssey

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12 thoughts on “David Ramsey’s Underrated Body

  1. I love Arrow! Stephen Amell & Colton Haynes can have a three way with me any day. David Ramsey is hot too, but not my first choice from the show. Manu Bennett who plays Slade Wilson on the show is hotter than hot too. Loved him as Crixus on Spartacus Oddly enough though Felicity is my favorite character on the show. I think because she reminds me of myself in the fact that I tend to say things that sound dirty when I don’t mean it too.

  2. Totally agree JH. The man is HOT. Thought so in season 1… still do. They both are. Threesome with the two of them… oh my.

  3. Also, as a suggestion. Why not do a post about the 2 hotties Brett Dalton & Iain De Caestecker from the other popular comic book show on TV right now, Agents Of Shield?

  4. I am the first to admit that some straight men are hot as hell. But I don’t need to see them with women on a Manhunt sponsored site. Dude, let my mind work its own visual problems out by knowing what straight guys do. I don’t need help from my buds at MH. Stop with the men and women in bed. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth all the way around.

  5. I dont know what you’re talking about? Because I have a dildo in my closet that i shove into my private parts while imagining david ramsey’s fucking hot dick inside me everytime I tune into arrow.

  6. What about em? Uh no one cares. rj was just giving his opinion. We get bisexuals, you’re bi. Leave people alone now.

  7. Um, how about no? Why is it that the gay community seems to have no problem marginalizing bisexuals, or simply wanting to ignore us? Now, where have I seen/heard that before?

    How about, “We get it, homosexuals, you’re gay. Leave people alone now.” Fuck you and your goddam attitudes.

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