Quickie: JC Christensen

If you’re still feeling the effects of the tryptophan, these pics should rouse your ass. JC Christensen is a smooth muscle jock who says “fuck off” to clothing. He might put some sneakers on once in awhile. He doesn’t even like having body hair between him and nature! Keep it naked, JC.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Sean Gomes








(via Gay Body Blog)



20 thoughts on “Quickie: JC Christensen

  1. He is a really handsome guy,I was wondering will he ever do any form of porn.If he decide to porn I am sure will be the next hot pornstar. Dewitt do you know if he have any other modeling pic

  2. Respectfully, do you read the post before replying? J Harvey posted this. Show some respect. I am very tired of these people who reply without having read the post. Dewitt is not the only blogger here. Thank you, I feel better now that I have vented. By the by, he is a handsome man, but a little too plucked for my tastes. Those eye brows particularly.

  3. @bahr10:disqus This is a porn site. I cant believe you got that response about your initial post. “These pics should rouse your ass” is mentioned in the article and someone is giving you crap for going straight to the pictures and some grammar lessons. Oh geez……

  4. look at the third pic of the posting… you can see just a bit of the tat that’s on his back…. and what’s wrong with tats?

  5. I am quite intrigued about why my comments (3 hours ago) about this guy’s photoshopped images were deleted from this discussion forum. I wonder why?

  6. Why are you going off on this guy? Nowhere in his comment does he mention Dewitt or imply Dewitt wrote this bog entry. As for his punctuation and grammar, Manhunt is an international website so perhaps this gentleman is from another country where English is a second language.

    Put the fork down and step back from the pumpkin pie. I think you’ve had enough sugar.

  7. Some guys on here seem so ‘PRECIOUS’..the guy is very handsome..great body and I am sure works very hard on his body to keep so fit and beautiful..just enjoy the pics guys..he is a great model….

  8. Jeeze more of the ‘real men should look like ‘uncle It’ comments’ This blog is to celebrate hotties is it not…? Some days you get a groomed manscaped photoshopped cutie and sometimes you get beefy dough-skinned greasy wardrobes that have been rolled in horse hair clippings…take a chill pill and just move on already

  9. Some people ( myself included ) are naturally smooth and some people like myself do lot like a lot of body hair

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