Daddy’s Boys: The Best Intergenerational Sex Of 2014

We could beat around the bush with an introduction that teases you, but there’s absolutely no debate that Dirk Caber is the number one DILF of 2014. We introduced our Daddy’s Boys series back in late September, and even before Dirk showed up in the feed, he would have theoretically topped this list with his scene-stealing appearances in MEN.COM‘s “Stepfather’s Secret” and “Son Swap“.

Granted, the Daddy’s Boys series isn’t just about the handsome, salt-and-pepper men who make our holes twitch, so we should give a smidgen of the credit to Dirk’s scene partner Asher Hawk. It’s unclear whether he would reign victorious against previous “Stepfather’s Secret” subjects Johnny Rapid, Trevor Spade and Scott Harbor, but hell, he deserves a round of applause for shaking up the plotline and providing a reason for Dirk to get triple penetrated.

But enough about those two! The rest of this list includes performers like Rocco Steele, Seamus O’ReillyAndrew Justice, Nicoli ColeBrad Kalvo, Brent Alex, Tim Kruger, Zeb Atlas and Trenton Ducati. An honorable mention goes out to Max Sargent for missing the cut by a very small margin and Zion Jay Prescott for appearing in an entry published far too late to make it onto the countdown.

Next year, we’ll have a little more material to work with in this series, so keep your eyes glued to this page and look out for even more scorching-hot intergenerational sex scenes!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: MEN.COM

Take a look at the top ten Daddy’s Boys posts of 2014 below:



Damian Gomez bottoms for Rocco Steele in a bareback sex scene for gay porn site Butch Dixon.

We wrote: “I am pretty certain this is one of the hottest scenes Rocco Steele appeared in all year. While nothing, of course, will ever compare to the way he worked over pint-sized cock goblin Armond Rizzo—as seen here if you missed it the first time—his encounter with tattooed power bottom Damian Gomez comes pretty damn close.”



Aleks Buldocek fucks Seamus O'Reilly in a gay porn scene for Naked Sword.

We wrote: “For someone in his late twenties—at least according to his Rentboy profile—Aleks conducts himself with a firm and thoroughly assertive poise that proves he’s got what it takes to make this dynamic work. Meanwhile, fuzzy young redhead Seamus O’Reilly plays the perfect, dutiful bottom boy. He takes it from behind, rides on top and gets thrown up against the wall to take a pounding”



Brad Kalvo, Matthew Ryder, Tom Faulk and Cameron Kincade in the gay porn series Daddy's Workplace by MEN.COM.

We wrote: “‘Daddy’s Workplace’ tries to capture the same sleazy energy that made MEN.COM‘s ‘Stepfather’s Secret‘ series such a massive hit with gay porn viewers… My interest was piqued upon discovering Brad Kalvo was involved in the project… The excitement (and any semblance of interest) faded away after skimming through the first chapter of ‘Daddy’s Workplace’. It was a rough kickoff to a promising premise, involving Brad and his son Matthew Ryder‘s adventures on a construction site full of horny men like Tom Faulk, Cameron Kincade and Johnny Forza.”



Andrew Justice fucks James Ryder for gay porn site Raging Stallion

We wrote: “For his latest, Andrew teamed up with smooth bottom boy James Ryder for what appears to be one of his most aggressive fucks of the year. As much as I feel like I’ve been overdoing the whole Daddy’s Boys series since its introduction, there was no way I could watch this trailer and not acknowledge how much it belongs in this category. This is exactly how I’d want Andrew to plow me if my stupid butt were ever lucky enough to have that experience.”



Jeremy Stevens fucks Brent Alex in a gay porn scene for Unmentionable Entertainment.

We wrote: “This clip actually came out in early to mid-September, but the ‘age different’ between Brent and Jeremy was so hot that I just had to include it in our brand new Daddy’s Boys series. It also provides me with an opportunity to call attention to Jeremy’s beefier, bearded look (and remind myself that I took the beauty of his dick for granted).”



Nicoli Cole bottoms for John Magnum in the gay porn series Turn My Son Into A Whore by MEN.COM.

We wrote: “‘Turn My Son Into A Whore’ is the latest taboo series to debut on MEN.COM, as the site shamelessly attempts to recapture the glory of this year’s massive hits ‘Stepfather’s Secret‘ and ‘Son Swap‘. Newcomer Nicoli Cole puts his bubble butt to good use as a young man pimped out by his father in order to make ends meet… Magnum makes it work with his aggressive, dominant energy. He manhandles Nicoli and drills his hole relentlessly, treating him exactly the way you’d expect a pent-up businessman to treat someone he paid to fuck.”



Andrew Markus bottoms for Trenton Ducati on gay porn site Hot Dads Hot Lads.

We wrote: Trenton Ducati wasn’t the first name to pop in my head to launch Daddy’s Boys. However, I quickly changed my mind after watching his new clip with Andrew Markus on Hot Dads Hot Lads. Aside from the fact that he’s a damn good top who tends to excel in this role, he really takes the reins with Andrew and gives his tight, young hole a solid workout.”



Tim Kruger fucks Christo Banderas in a gay porn scene for Tim Tales

We wrote: “Christo puts the ‘toy’ in boy toy, acting like a living Fleshjack for Tim’s substantial equipment. He gets thrown around from one position to the next, taking it with a smug grin on his face no matter how hard or deep he’s getting pounded. It’s almost as if he barely notices that one of the most well-hung porn stars is inside of him!”



Jack Radley bottoms for Zeb Atlas in the gay porn scene Scouts by MEN.COM.

We wrote: “In the new MEN.COM series ‘Scouts’, the bodybuilder porn star takes on the role of a horny scout master who comes across one of his boys bathing nude in the woods and decides this is a perfect opportunity for him to creepily watch whilst stroking his boner… Since this is a gay porn flick—not an episode of Law and Order: SVU—the situation leads to Jack Radley unleashing some awkward dialogue, then wasting no time before he’s down on his knees blowing his older mentor.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can see Zeb fuck Jack again in the exciting conclusion of “Scouts”.



Dirk Caber fucks Asher Hawk in the MEN.COM original series Stepfather's Secret.

We wrote: “In one of the most shameless moves made by a gay porn studio in 2014, MEN.COM has extended their extraordinarily popular ‘Stepfather’s Secret‘ series by adding a fourth stepson to join Johnny Rapid, Trevor Spade and Scott Harbor in the family… Part five kicks off with Asher Hawk returning home from college and receiving a warning from Johnny about Dirk’s tendencies to take ‘male bonding’ above and beyond. Asher isn’t so keen on avoiding the trouble, though!”



14 thoughts on “Daddy’s Boys: The Best Intergenerational Sex Of 2014

  1. Lol Dirk is nothing, he’s just quantity over quality.

    Rocco Steele is definitely my daddy of the year. He’s got quantity and quality. Mmm.

  2. I know you’re just expressing your opinion, but you could have praised Rocco without throwing Dirk under the bus. Your definition of quality isn’t the ONLY definition.

  3. That likely won’t be the case next year! I’d love to shatter the notion that daddies are tops, boys are bottoms.

    Unfortunately, I only had one or two opportunities to do so since beginning this series.

  4. Dirk Caber and Brad Kalvo are both my role models and lust initiating engines, so thank you for the above. However, where is the clip/pairing of Brad Kalvo with super-Uber-Power bottom, Armond Rizzo? Just stunning pairing. I was wet throughout and had to have two separate spurts just to feel drained enough after watching the video. YUM!

  5. BTW, Dewitt, have you seen the ever lust and erection raising tiny megatron Armond Rizzo with a giant of a bearded top in a DominicFord video? Lots of acrobatic fucking in it. I was positively envious. You should watch it too. The top may be someone you rather lust after too – PLUS he has responsive nipples, which is so up my street!! HOT!

  6. i really hope i’m hallucinating, but it REALLY looks like there is poo on Rocco Steele’s dick in that picture.

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