Daddy’s Boys: Adam Herst & Travis Stevens In MEN.COM’s “My New Stepdad Is A Pervert”

The incredibly popular MEN.COM series “Stepfather’s Secret” has finally received the pervy follow-up it deserves with “My New Stepdad Is A Pervert“. While the studio came close to recreating the deliciously taboo magic that made “Stepfather’s Secret” a hit with the three-part series “Son Swap“, […]

Daddy’s Boys: Brad Kalvo & Matthew Ryder’s Construction Site Adventure

“Daddy’s Workplace” tries to capture the same sleazy energy that made MEN.COM‘s “Stepfather’s Secret” series such a massive hit with gay porn viewers. Truth be told, I’m not sure where it falls next to previous attempts like “Son Swap“, “Houseboy” and the newer addition “Scouts“. […]

Daddy’s Boys: Dirk Caber & Asher Hawk In Part Five of “Stepfather’s Secret”

In one of the most shameless moves made by a gay porn studio in 2014, MEN.COM has extended their extraordinarily popular “Stepfather’s Secret” series by adding a fourth stepson to join Johnny Rapid, Trevor Spade and Scott Harbor in the family. Naturally, Dirk Caber reprises […]

Daddy’s Boys: Brent Alex & Jeremy Stevens In A “Bareback Sex Scene”

Do we have any Brent Alex fans in the house? Considering he dominated our last Popular Demand round-up, I’m going to assume that you’re either really into the Lucas Entertainment exclusive’s smooth young ass or you just enjoy laughing at the studio’s atrociously crafted scene descriptions. […]