Could “Easy A” Be The New Mean Girls?


Remember back in 2004 when you couldn’t go anywhere without someone quoting a line from Mean Girls? Brace yourselves for a similar situation, because Easy A will be making its debut on September 17th. The film stars Emma Stone as a student who fakes losing her virginity to her gay friend, and it’s been described as an “edgier Mean Girls” with tons of memorable lines.

The movie also marks the final performance of actress Amanda Bynes, who recently announced her early retirement on Twitter. And it stars a bunch of hot dudes like Penn Badgley and Cam Gigandet. In other words, you can bet on your father’s Toaster Strudel that I’ll be seeing this shit.

– Dewitt

To watch the trailer for this movie, follow the JUMP:

60 thoughts on “Could “Easy A” Be The New Mean Girls?

  1. All I had to see was two seconds of Lisa Kudrow and I was sold haha. So into seeing this. Kinda bummed its Amanda Bynes’s last movie tho.

  2. I cannot wait to see this movie BUT….NOTHING will ever beat Mean Girls…it’s a classic!!!!!!!

  3. Looks like it could have some classic line. Love Emma Stone in Zombieland and Superbadd…

  4. there will never be a new mean girls. its mean girls. its one of the most sensational films of the 21st century. however this does look ace… however i think the plot will be unable to sustain a long running time.

  5. Emma Stone is hot!!! She can “fake rock my world” anyday!!!! lol… already starting with the quotes!

  6. I don’t know if it will be the “new” Mean Girls, but I still want to see Easy A. I love Emma Stone.

  7. I thought this exact thing when I saw the trailer. This decade needs what Clueless was to the 90s and Mean Girls to the 00s.

  8. it looks good but NOTHING is the new mean girls, especially if tina didnt write it 😉

  9. “Remember back in 2004 when you couldn’t go anywhere without someone quoting a line from Mean Girls?”

    Everyone I know still quotes Mean Girls.

  10. hell yes. The cast looks. AMAZING. And I’ll watch it just to give Amanda Bynes a proper send-off…I’m going to miss her…T_T

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