Lady Gaga Unleashes Her Drag King Persona

Does Lady Gaga have a masculine alter-ego? Several sources are speculating that the mysterious male model above is actually the “Bad Romance” singer. His name is Jo Calderone, and he’ll soon be appearing on the pages of Vogue Hommes Japan in a photo shoot by Nick Knight.

So what’s the connection here? Aside from the obvious physical resemblance, one of the main collaborators for the shoot is Nicola Formichetti. And he just so happens to have a day job as Gaga’s stylist. With that evidence on hand, we’ll let you decide whether Jo and Gaga are the same person…

– Dewitt

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29 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Unleashes Her Drag King Persona

  1. It’s obviously her… another lame attempt by lady caca. She doesn’t look good in either sex.

  2. Who would believe this is really a model? Or a man? Or a male model!!!? And more over,who would care if it were Lady Gag Gag.

  3. His throat doesn’t look the same as Gaga’s. And she has an ample chest – I don’t think even an excellent binder would make that much cleavage lay that flat.

    So, don’t think it’s Gaga – though appearance is similar. Could possibly be related.

  4. What are you talking about Chris? “his” everything looks like gaga. How can you look at his chest and not see her boobs?

  5. ok well im impressed. kevin aucoin is dead. he rocked the make up. so i wanna know who gaga used for make up cuz its spot on! not many out there with that kinda talent….respect!

  6. That person has very womanish shoulders, and no adams apple. I have no clue if it’s lady gaga or not, but it clearly isn’t a man.

  7. Hard for me to say whether this could be Gaga. I think it is possible. The laryngeal cartilege, which is usually evident in men, is not clearly seen. The shoulders, which are typically broader than the waist in men (except sissies), -may- appear to be unusually slender but there is only one photograph without a padded jacket. I do think that breasts can be seen, although I agree that Gaga is amply endowed and binding herself this much would be … uncomfortable.

    It would be a hoot if this were really her. If it isn’t, it’s a really effeminate guy … which happens.

  8. Another give away may also be the hair. Virtually all men by the time they finish puberty have some evidence of male-pattern hair loss, even if only mild.

    This person has absolutely no evidence of temporal hair loss at all, which is expected in even a very young man.

    This doesn’t prove it’s Gaga, of course.

  9. I am inclined 2 believe that it is Gaga ( or at least a Woman ) the chest area clearly looks like the chest of a Woman .BTW the chest looks 2 be padded down ……..

  10. If only we could see the underside of “his” left wrist….the peace symbol tat would be a DEAD giveaway.

  11. No Adam’s apple, very smooth skin, small hand but visible chest= def a drag king. The bone structure and that nose= Lady Quack Quack. I don’t care if this girl sells billions copies of music- her music sucks and so does her style.

  12. I am SO happy to see others agree with me about Gag Gag! I was beginning to think I was the only gay that didn’t like her.
    As far as the cleavage issue, the second (I think) pic down, you can definitely see breasts.

  13. Actually, maybe this is Lady Gaga as herself, seeing as she has the body parts of both the male and the female sexes. So maybe while she’s dressing as a woman, she’s in drag? Aww. Like I said before.. Who cares?!

  14. This is clearly her guys…if you look at her chest in the Alejandro video when shes dancing with the bra on you can see shes not very big. Its just padding and push ups everywhere else…and her lips always look big because they overdraw her lipstick and liner…here she has none…as well as “Jo” or Joann who was her relative that passed away that they prey for before every performance

  15. The more I find out about this person, the more I feel that I made the right choice in not paying attention to it’s music! They pray for a fake relative that has died before every performance?!? Did I read that correctly?? OGG! Certifiable here!

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