Cher Sings Gaga

I think they might be wearing wigs. Our Lady Cher has Tweeted that she just finished recording a Lady Gaga-written track for her upcoming CD. It’s called “The Greatest Thing,” and it’s going to be the first song on the Dark Lady’s next album. This is probably going to be quite the boon for Cher, because Gaga = $$$ and relevancy.

Lady Gaga recorded a demo of the song, and you can hear it below the jump. The thing that stuck out for me in this whole exchange was Cher revealing that Lady Gaga let her hold her meat purse. If I hadn’t located the picture above, I might have assumed that was a euphemism and vomited.

– J. Harvey

To hear Gaga’s version of “The Greatest Thing, Follow the JUMP:

5 thoughts on “Cher Sings Gaga

  1. This song actually made me vomit where the meat purse tweet only made me want to vomit.

  2. Pretty easy to aurally envision what this will sound like as a Cher record…”Believe” redux, no doubt, just add the galloping dance beat.  Looking forward to it anyway.

  3. Sounds like a Cher-style song; she’ll do it FABulously! Funny how Gaga seems to be able to channel Madonna at times, Cher in this demo and herself. 

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