Celebrity Skin: The Best Naked Male Celebs of 2013

We learned this year that Celebrity Skin is the gift that keeps on giving. People really don’t seem to give a fuck when a famous actor got naked, as long as he’s showing off the goods. This explains how the winning shots on our 2013 list of the “Best Naked Male Celebs” came from a TV show that went off air a decade ago, and if that weren’t enough to make our point, posts about Mark Ruffalo and Daniel Craig were more popular than anything else on this countdown.

(See last year’s list here.)

With the exception of New Zealand actor James Wells‘ enormous schlong on the tail end, most of these guys are fairly well-known and, in some cases, household names. Overall, there are at least seven instances of full-frontal nudity, six of which dominated bare ass shots of James Franco, Kellan Lutz and Ryan Kwanten. We’re going to take this as an indication that we should peruse Famous Dick for some content that lives up to the site’s name. Famous butts just aren’t enough for you anymore, eh?

– Dewitt

Take a look at the top Celebrity Skin posts of 2013:



Click here to see James Wells naked.

We wrote: “If you’ve been watching Spartacus: War of the Damned on Starz, you’ll no doubt be familiar with New Zealand actor James Wells who plays the part of Totus, the rebel Gaul. Now, thanks to the show’s visionary producers, you can be familiar with ‘his’ penis. Naturally, there’s a little back and forth on the internet about whether or not it’s real (because who doesn’t like a legitimate excuse to really get up close to the screen and take a good look).”



Click to see Ryan Kwanten naked

We wrote: “The entire plot of True Blood basically revolves around finding excuses to get Ryan Kwanten naked, so it might be hard to get it up for these butt shots from the 2012 film Not Suitable For Children. I discovered this bit of celebrity nudity while researching my post ‘10 Non-Porn Films I Would Very Much Like To See‘. Initially, I got excited that it was available through TLAgay, thinking that we’d get to see dear Jason Stackhouse in some steamy gay love scenes… But nope!”



Click to see Kellan Lutz naked

We wrote: “Kellan Lutz, the actor primarily known for his role as ‘that guy who takes his clothes off a lot‘, has finally gone full-on naked for the 2013 film Java Heat… It’s yet to be determined whether his butt has as much appeal as his angelic, pretty boy face, but, hell, he could have no butt at all, and most of you would still want to hit that.”



Click to see James Franco naked

We wrote: “Am I wrong that it’s almost anticlimactic to see James Franco‘s butt? The 34 year-old actor isn’t exactly shy about anything! He’ll openly discuss his sexuality. He’ll openly make us question said sexuality when he does weird lip sync videos to Justin Bieber‘s ‘Boyfriend‘… And, perhaps most importantly, he’ll openly show us his butt.”



Click to see James Purefoy naked

We wrote: “Based on entirely scientific research, I know that approximately twenty percent of Manhunt Daily readers want to see James Purefoy‘s penis. After I documented my lust for the British actor in our ‘Who Would You Rather?: The Following Edition‘ post earlier this week, I’m now left with absolutely no choice but to show you pictures of his penis.”



Click to see Josh Hutcherson naked

We wrote: “20-year-old Hunger Games actor and straight ally Josh Hutcherson has a dick. And supposedly there are pics! Hutcherson ALLEGEDLY (please refer back to that ‘ALLEGEDLY’ if you’re Josh’s lawyer) went by the name of ‘Connor’ on an online hook-up site (sadly a straight one). ‘Connor’ not only had dick pics up for grabs (I wish) but also videos of him jacking it for the benefit of all the ladies. Fuck, that’s hot. Peeta jacking it.”



Click to see Alexander Skarsgard naked

We wrote: “The only good thing to come out of [the sixth season of True Blood] was a brief glimpse at Alexander Skarsgård‘s penis, which confirms that he’s uncut and a decent size when flaccid. One could argue that the homoerotic shaving scene between Warlow and Jason Stackhouse was also a nice treat, but fuck, when will one of those vampire sex dreams lead to some actual fucking? I want to see penetration shots of Rob Kazinsky‘s dick buried in Ryan Kwanten‘s tight muscle butt, and I won’t settle for anything less.”



Click to see Scott Evans naked

We wrote: “As some of you might know, Scott Evans is the openly gay brother of actor Chris Evans. He earned his own slice of fame as one half of gay couple ‘Kish’ on the soap opera One Life To Live, and at some point thereafter, a collection of his (alleged) naked selfies began floating around Tumblr and other corners of the internet.”



Click to see Johnny Galecki naked

We wrote: “Johnny Galecki, perhaps most known for his role on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, played a male prostitute in the 2006-2007 Broadway production The Little Dog Laughed. The role called for full-frontal nudity, and when Johnny heard the call, he answered with his dick swinging around on stage.”



Click to see Christopher Meloni naked.

We wrote: “Meloni was naked a lot on Oz, and it’s almost as if he were making up for his disappointing stint on True Blood years before it even happened. We saw his lower body from all sorts of angles, and there was even one moment where he spread his butt cheeks wide open like some of Manhunt‘s more adventurous members. Scenes like that make it clear why people feel compelled to make videos like this. He is, indeed, a mighty good man.”


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19 thoughts on “Celebrity Skin: The Best Naked Male Celebs of 2013

  1. Dewitt- Just watched Franco in “Broken Tower” on Netflix… umm, YUM. He goes down on a guy (which looks convincingly real) and he also gets fucked hard by the guy who plays Gen. Zod in the new Superman. YUM for all accounts of sexy time 😉

  2. I’m really surprised by the last two entries. Although Meloni has a certain sex appeal, I have *never* thought of Galecki to be considered anything nearing a sex symbol.
    At least there was no Adam Levine on this list. That dude’s music disgusts me.

  3. Completely agree – sexy as fuck! Bedrooms and Hallways is one of the most lust-inducing moving performances ever.

  4. With the exception of Galecki, this is a phenomenal list of men. That suit doesn’t flatter Meloni, either.

  5. The suit colors are not coordinated. Meloni’s eyes are blue, so the suit should have some blue in it, or be solid dark blue.

  6. He’s a year younger than I am. So I guess I’m a kid too at 27 years old. Or you might be an ignorant old man who doesn’t realize that people as young as 18 read and comment on this blog.

  7. That is a prosthetic on James Wells. The tell tale sign is the overgrown bush to hide the seams. When you see the guys who are close cropped or shaved, those are real. Still, he’s got a great body and a handsome face. Definitely doable.

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