Bi The Way: Ashley Dominates Cain & Dawson

Every time a woman appears on Manhunt Daily, someone freaks out about how she has no place on a “gay site” like Manhunt. I’ve already ranted a few times about how this simply isn’t true, so I’ll try to limit my time on the soapbox and keep it simple. Manhunt is a site for men to meet other men. Although most of those meetings involve sexual activities, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone on the site identifies as “gay”. Even if they do, they might still enjoy straight or bi porn.

It’s annoying that I have to keep repeating this point over and over again. When I’m writing these Bi The Way entries, I’d much rather focus on the scene than the number of biphobic comments it will inspire. Can we please keep the “Pussyhunt” jabs to a minimum and just watch a few guys getting fucked with a strap-on? Or can we at least be mature enough to NOT watch and respect other folks’ desires? Thanks!

In this particular clip, Ashley kicks things off by tying up her partners Cain and Dawson. She “forces” each of them to suck one another’s cocks, then bends them over for a little spanking and anal play. Next, she directs Cain’s cock between Dawson’s freshly red cheeks, as he warms up his hole for her strap-on.

Once they’re both done drilling Dawson, he’s freed of his bottom duties and gets to fuck both Cain and Ashley. It all leads up to a grand finale full of cum, clit-munching and lots of making out. Sound good to you? If so, click through to check out the pics!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Guys Gone Bi

To see pics of Ashley dominating Cain and Dawson, follow the JUMP:

NOTE: We here at Manhunt Daily encourage you to make responsible decisions in your sexual activities, however you may interpret that. Please head over to Manhunt Cares for more information on safer sex techniques.

19 thoughts on “Bi The Way: Ashley Dominates Cain & Dawson

  1. I have no problem with the bi postings.  And I think Dawson and Cain are incredibly hot, but I found this scene really disappointing.  The descriptions are great, but in the actual scene there’s no domination energy . . . it all reads too gimicky and silly.

  2. @kink2go…I’ll go one further…it’s a lame set up and poorly done. Guys are hot…the girl is awful…and not just because I’m not into girls…domination with that silly smile and grin on her face all the way through…silly and stupid. next time, just let the guys go at it and leave the silly girls on the sideline.

  3. I have no desire in the vagina what-so-ever (boobs are awesome though), but there is something incredibly hot about a dominatrix…

  4. I have no problem with the bi postings, but tend to agree that they could have chosen a better girl for this scene.  Not only is she not even remotely attractive, but that smile just ruins the whole scenario.  Next time let me dominate Cain and Dawson.

  5. I think they’re all very attractive! Cripes, what are some of your standards? She’s gorgeous, the guys are gorgeous – always with the negativity.

    I am bisexual, and this is a hot blog. Deal with it.

  6. Besides, it’s like some of you just have a pathological need to complain and berate others. Do you go into pizza parlors and declare your hatred of pizza?

  7. We readers of Manhunt Daily encourage you to make better decisions in your blog posts, however you may interpret that.  

  8. I feel defensive on your behalf, Dewitt

    If readers don’t like what they see, perhaps they could make their own blog. You do a really great job, D. I don’t like all the pics you post, but who c
    ares about that? Who should care? No-one.

    Thanks Dewitt

  9. I’m so over ALL the corbin fisher websites. So much wrong with all the sites. Refuse to waste my time making a list of the problems

  10. I agree Tony about those sites EXCEPT anything with Dawson in it grabs my attention….the guy is truly well built, handsome, personable, sexy and throws and TAKES a good fuck…..ah, what a combo!

  11. I actually think this was one of Corbin better match up even the the fish looks a little fresher  but not fresh enough to make me  renew my membership with Corbin Fisher ….  Oh BTW I just love Dawson & Cain think they R both exceptionally FUCKING hot   

  12. Its odd to me they are doing alot of bareback scenes, former Corbin Fisher Model Mason has HIV. Dawson has been doing alot of bareback scenes…i thought the site was hot when they used protection, but its their studio

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