Austin Wolf And Fane Roberts: Beefy Butt Fucks Bubble Butt

Fane Roberts picks up butt of death Austin Wolf in a bar and takes him back to his room. Fucking happens.

Once he’s inside, he picks up the pace and pounds Fane with a frenzied urgency to get the job done. Fane’s hole takes a beating with every thrust from the muscle stud’s pelvis. Austin’s cock feels so amazing going in and out that it makes Fane want to nut. Austin will do anything it takes to help Fane along and pulls out to suck his nuts as Fane jacks off and explodes all over his own perfectly fit body. When Austin sees Fane in the throes of pleasure, he needs to get off immediately. He stands over Fane and jacks his hairy rod until it erupts all over Fane’s open mouth and satisfied face. ‘Leave the money on the nightstand’ and ‘It’s been a pleasure doing business,’ are the last words spoken. Wait a minute…who’s the hustler here?

Have I ever seen Austin Wolf in business casual khakis. Man, he’s hot. He could be in a clown outfit and I’d still jerk off to him. (You’re hot, too, Fane.) Click here for more!

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Michael Xavier

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