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Sun Ho, Fancy Free, official single cover

Singaporean pop star Sun Ho's "Fancy Free" has been making its way up Billboard's Dance/Club Play charts since debuting in September, and she may hit number one as soon as next week. This wouldn't be the first time she's accomplished such a feat. Though you may not have heard about her until now, Sun actually holds the title of the first Asian artist to top Billboard's dance charts.

The release date for her upcoming album Cause A Ruckus remains a mystery, with most sources stating that it was due for "late 2009". You can hear a few snippets from the project on her website. They've got a little bit of a Gwen Stefani flavor, with a dash of Britney thanks to producers Danja, Rodney Jerkins and Rob Knox.

And before you whip out the inevitable "OMG, she's biting off of Lady Gaga" comments, let it be known that she's aware of the comparisons. “It’s pretty typical to compare someone to a person who is now at the focal point of attention in pop culture," Sun said in an interview. “I love Gaga and how she remains true to herself and her artistry, so comparing me with her is a compliment.”

Though she doesn't believe that director Joseph Kahn intended to move in the direction of a Gaga rip-off, he coincidentally filmed the videos for "LoveGame" and "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" within the same year. Make of that what you will…

– Dewitt

To listen to "Fancy Free", follow the JUMP:

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