Top or Bottom: Graeme

Week after week, we’ve begged you to send in your pictures for out Top or Bottom series. We tried to bribe you with free porn or a link to your Manhunt profile. We even offered to turn the comments off, lest you fear your fellow Manhunt Daily readers. Oh, and did we mention we’ll give you a lube launcher?

Though very few folks have been coerced by our desperate pleas, it’s like clockwork that we receive one really awesome submission per week. It’s almost as if some guardian angel of exhibitionism is looking down on us! Today’s contestant comes in the form of Graeme, a self-professed “huge geek” from Canada. He’s 6’4″, 160 pounds and particularly well-endowed.

Graeme follows in the footsteps of Brenden, the 25 year-old lad who appeared in last week‘s post. The majority of readers (thirty-nine percent) you correctly identified him as a versatile bottom, while the second most popular option was total bottom. Not too bad! Will you have similar luck with this scruffy cutie? Stay tuned in to find out.

Until then, we urge you to e-mail us your pics, in order to keep this feature running! Want to help us out? Well, send in few images along with your name or alias, preference in the bedroom and any other information you’d like to share with the Manhunt Daily audience. While we highly encourage nudity and all-around sluttiness, we’re totally okay if you want to keep things classy.

– Dewitt

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11 thoughts on “Top or Bottom: Graeme

  1. for some reason the first thing I thought when I saw the last picture of his cock was, “UP PERISCOPE!”

  2. Unfair advantage here cause I have done many things with this guy haha. (FYI he IS a huge geek)

  3. that’s a cock which, when taken from the right angle, will slide right on down the throat of the hungry cocklover..

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