Aural Only: Carsten Andersson

Yesterday, we asked you to suggest songs for today’s Aural Only feature, and there were only a few measly recommendations! Considering one of them involved random album tracks by Ke$ha (no offense, boston09), we’ve decided to go with porn star Carsten Andersson‘s debut pop single “Fun”… Believe it or not, it’s actually kind of catchy!

While we approach any adult performer’s foray into music with a dash of cynicism, “Fun” is as legitimate as anything from Adam Lambert‘s latest album. And how many of your favorite pop stars have appeared on camera with a dick up their ass? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

– Dewitt

To listen to “Fun”, follow the JUMP:

Like it? Then grab the song on iTunes!

127 thoughts on “Aural Only: Carsten Andersson

  1. I am highly disappointed that there are no links to seeing him get a penis in his pooper. Watching that and listening to the song would be so hot. Any help?

  2. I’m not exactly an Adam Lambert fan, but I’ll definitely agree that this guy is nowhere near as good.

    His vocals are dull; they don’t feel sung as much as spoken (and that reverb is laughable). Musically, it sounds like something I’d vomit out of FL in five minutes (please note, I hardly know how to use the program). Lyrically, it’s complete and utter trash, and while this is completely acceptable for some songs, it really needs to be backed up my solid musicianship and a danceable bass line for it to work.

    tl;dr: Dude should go back to sucking cock.

  3. How far can a gay porn star go in the music business? They only seem to so far in the acting career. It is about time that that should not make a difference. No wonder he is a hit over seas. They don’t care as much as we do about his past. They are sure more sexually accepting then the US. Time for us to catch up with the rest of the world.

  4. This is just so awful any so many ways! The ONLY thing that made this video watchable were the pics of him!

  5. He has a pure voice and he is on pitch. He CAN actually sing but the song is very Euro-Pop…..which just doesn’t seem to survive the shark tank which is corporate music here in America.
    I can see it getting some play in the dance community.

  6. well, britney spears also doesn´t have any singing-talent at all, but the whole package was, what made her a star!
    carsten definitely has the whole package, his voice reminds me of the guy of the pet shop boys.
    you can say what you want about him, he seems to already be a big success in asia and parts of europe…and to have achieved that, as a gay porn star, is just !WOW!

  7. say what you want: i bought the record and it´s playing while i have sex with my boyfriend, thinking of carsten *haha*

  8. oh my god! show on their website a preview for free from carsten´s latest movie with them!!!
    As “Carsten Andersson” in “Trapped in the Game” !!

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