Secret Sex: Frank Fritz of American Pickers

While home for the holiday season, my brother-in-law turned on some History Channel show about digging through trash for treasure. Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock for the past year, because it turns out it was an extremely popular cable TV program known as American Pickers. Millions of people tune in for this!

My usual routine is to ignore any random do-it-yourself show on my brother-in-law’s television screen. However, as soon as I glanced over for a moment, my eyes were immediately drawn to this short and stocky dude with a beard. Apparently, he goes by the name of Frank Fritz. And he makes my pants tingle a bit.

While my instincts told me to sit down and watch this particular episode, I thought it’d be awkward to sit next to my sister’s husband with a half-erection. Of course, this doesn’t mean my love affair is over with Mr. Fritz! I’ll definitely be setting my DVR to record this show. Just sayin’.

– Dewitt

To watch a video from the show, follow the JUMP:

9 thoughts on “Secret Sex: Frank Fritz of American Pickers

  1. Both of the guys on there are charactors. They seem just to be more of a normal looking American, guy next store. Most of the time you over look, but there is something that can catch your eye at times. They sure are not your normal manhunt man, but most guys out there are not that. Just to let you know your DVR is going to be full in no time. They run reruns all the time on there.

  2. Hahaha he actually hit on the mom of one of my fraternity brothers, he swears it’s absolutely true. Apparently he was an total creeper…

  3. I personally prefer Mike Wolfe over Frank. His personality is hot, and if you look, he has a HOT little ass in those tight jeans he wears. I love this show. I love Pawn Stars too. The Old Man cracks me up. Probably how I’m going to be when I get old. lol!

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