And Then There Was One

Golden Girls star Rue McClanahan passed away this morning, after suffering from a massive stroke. If anyone has the audacity to utter the words “Who cares?” to this piece of news, they better be prepared for a punch in the face. Well, at least a digital punch in the face.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Blanche Devereaux, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you. It tears me up to hear that her real-life counterpart is heading off to the great cheesecake in the sky! May she rest in peace, and all I have to say to her is, “Thank you for being a friend”.

Alas, Betty White has now become the only member of the main cast who’s still alive today. Let’s hope someone is working on a cure for death, because I’m not sure I could survive in a Golden Girl-less world. 

– Dewitt

To watch a video clip of Blanche’s best moments, follow the JUMP:

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  1. I was heart-broken when I read this earlier on another site. I loved all of the Golden Girls, but I think Rue/Blanche was my favorite. I loved her in “Maude” and “Mama’s Family”, and she was great as the Mother Superior in the “Nunsense” plays. You will be missed, Rue. Thanks for all of the laughs, and thank you for being a (TV) friend.

  2. The world has lost a truly wonderful actress and a wonderful sense of humor. But now she has a new audience to show off her talents and charm. It was a real gift we had while she was around.

  3. My god, I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. She made me laugh and smile in good times and bad. May she rest in heaven. I’ll miss her, thank god she lives on in reruns forever!

  4. This is terrible news. Blanche Elizabeth Hollingsworth Devereaux was my favorite golden girl and I will miss her very much

  5. Back in its heyday, there was a group of us who used to hang out at a local watering hole to watch the new episodes, and each of us was the epitome of one of the Golden Girls. Hubby was Sophia (“Picture it, Sicily, 1933”), our friend Carl was Blanche (the slut of the group), our friend John was ‘Violet’, Rose’s dumber sister (don’t ask), and I was Dorothy, the sane and sensible one in the crowd. I miss those days.

  6. Such sad, sad news. I hope she found comfort in the joy her performances gave to so very many. Rue, you are greatly loved and will be sorely missed!

  7. Big shock as this hasnt been reported in the UK yet – The lady will be very much missed, never has the “tart with a heart” been played with so much class and it was that dynamic which allowed her and her costars to get some pretty risque jokes for the time through but the way she played it never gave offence.
    From the times I saw here in other parts showed she really was a talented actress.
    I can only hope that she and all the golden girls knew and know how many great memories they inspire.

  8. Unfortunately, there will never be another show like Golden Girls. The 4 actresses were great together, and it’s sad that such talented people have to grow old and leave us. But at least they gave us alot of fond memories, and we can continue to watch the Golden Girls re-runs.

  9. I first saw Rue McClanahan on “The Carol Burnett Show” & I’ve watched her on succeeding series’, specials & movies. You couldn’t help but smile & laugh at the characters she brought to life. Most of us will always know & love her as one of our “Golden Girls”, a series I still watch regularly in reruns. It still brings me as much joy as it always did. I also remember her more dramatic roles on “Touched By An Angel” & various Hallmark Channel movies. Didn’t she have the most beautiful, bright eyes? I loved her sassy “full-of-gumption” attitude. I wish I were more like her “Blanche”. I’m sad about her passing, but I can still love her through her work. To quote Blanche, “I’m jumpier than a virgin at a prison rodeo!” & “I’m from the South. Flirting is part of my heritage.”

  10. i know this is bad but, as blanche would say, “after all the strokes ive given, its about time i got one!”

  11. Blanche was such a sassy lady. She was my fav Golden Girl. God Bless her as she rests from her troubles.

  12. Rue was more than just a Golden Girl. Everything she touched was golden. She gave me hours and hours of joy watching Golden Girls (I still watch the reruns) and all those wonderful tv movies. Rest in peace Rue – know that you are loved and will be missed.

  13. I am so upset! Another Golden Girls Gone!!!! I was watching the show last night, i had a bad feeling!!! Do anyone noticed that All Girls dead a year apart from each othes?

  14. Great post and replies …
    I guess Betty White will now have to move on to the Mary Tyler Moore Show cast.

  15. The world has lost another ICON!! Rue will be greatly missed and it is a night of Golden Girls Dvd’s for me!

  16. Lets be grateful for the one GIRL that we still have left . Rue ( Blanche ) as so many have already said RIP & when you see Dorothy & Sophia the three of you take your bow job well done and THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING A FRIEND !!!

  17. Msx Lee…yeah, I did notice that Estelle Getty in 2008, Bea Arthur in 2009 and Rue in 2010…Kinda makes you wonder if in 2011????

  18. I watched the Golden Girls first run and loved them then, and I continue to watch their reruns and still love them. They were “Sex in the City” in their time. I’m disheartened to hear that Rue passed away. The cast is reforming in heaven, with only Betty left to join them. God love them all.

  19. I remember saying just the other day (literally two days ago) how much I was going to cry when she died. Today is that day.

    I mentioned to my coworkers at lunch how large a role TV played in my growing up. I remember lying on my bed, talking on the phone with my best friends, sitting in silence because we were all watching television, usually the Golden Girls. It was what we did; it was what we had. It was what we grew up with. Those girls were my family when I didn’t feel like I had one. I learned so much from their characters; my humor and the person I am today reflects different facets of each of their personas.

    I cried today because I feel like a grandmother and best friend died. But I hope that she knows that because of her life, and because of her gift, she will always live on in people like me. We love you Rue. We miss you Estelle, Bea. I hope we are able to spend many more magical minutes with you, Betty. Thank you all so much for being a part of my television family.

  20. Such a sad sad day….I to had a group of friends who we always joked about acting like the Girls…Brian was slutty so he was Blanche…Mac was dumb so he was Rose and I was the smart ass who was unlucky in love like Dorothy….Thankfully we have the reruns and I have every season on DVD so I can eat cheesecake and watch whenever I want…

  21. RIP Rue. Love the “pun” about heading to the big cheesecake in the sky…

    Life would suck without a golden girl.
    Rue will be missed.

  22. i was watching Bettie White on The Ellen Show Yesterday and it showed Rue.Bettie quoted as saying Rue was doing ok,so you never knnow when your times up.Loved her and her time on The golden Girls.

  23. Digital cockpunch for Dave (June 3, 8:39pm). Do please blow it out your gaping, pus-filled asshole.

    We will miss you, Ms. McClanahan. Requiescat in pace.

  24. All if the women in that show played amazing characters, but I feel Betty & Rue had the best characters. Funny, though that neither would have been as great had they not had Bea & Estelle playing off them That cast opened the doors for female cast like Sex In The City & Desperate Housewives and it is awful that we have lost yet another icon of Television. It’s also sad that she passed before her facebook push was answered so that she too could have hosted SNL. R.I.P. Rue/Blanche. You will be awfully missed.

  25. I love Rue as Blanche, she is one talented actress who will be deeply missed. I also enjoy her roles as Vivian on Maude and Aunt Fran on Mama’s Family.

  26. I don’t feel sorry for Dave. He’s an attention whore.
    I loved the Golden Girls. Great fun! Sad to see her go.

  27. Getty,2008.
    Betty should be a bit nervous of next year coming…
    Loved all of them, and still do…

  28. Rue McClanahan – Angel. Blanche Devereaux – Slut. The best of both worlds. You will be missed. Rest in Peace, Rue.

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