101 thoughts on “Album Review: Katy Perry

  1. Are you crazy?! This is the hottest pop album of the year. I love all the songs katy is amazing and i just love this album.

  2. Her album is absolutely amazing. Many people that i know that arent a fan of hers love this album. Its a good pop album.
    It’s fun yet has serious to the point songs.

  3. Ms. Perry is a talentless biproduct of infectious beats who can’t sing for her life and has ZERO artistic vision. Is her music enjoyable? Depends on OPINION. Mine? She’s not an artist, makes pop sound cheap and derivative. However I respect others’ opinion.

  4. Ryan James Yezak is an amazing editor for his young age, but the video & dance sequences are painful to watch.

  5. she brings nothing new to the table. she can’t hold a candle to Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga or Goldfrapp…no pop substance here: all filler.

  6. ive been listening to album all day at work for the past 2 days (and its not a long cd…) and i find it amazing. i feel like it mirrors alot of lady gaga does. her high tempo songs are full of life but her low tempo songs are pretty dull

    my ratings:
    teenage dreams 5/5
    last friday night 5/5
    california gurls 5/5
    firework 5/5 (loooooooooooove this song)
    peacock 5/5(my fav, lol)
    circle the drain 5/5
    the one that got away 5/5
    et 4/5 (the chorus really saves this song)
    who am i living for 2.5/5
    pearl 3.5/5 (i want to like it more, but i cant, or havent yet)
    hummingbird heartbeat 5/5
    not like the movies 1/5 (ugh, throughout the whole song you expect its building up to something great, but it never comes)

    overall id give the cd a solid 4/5. trim a bit of the fat and youll be dancing all day.

  7. katy perry is absolutely awful. She doesn’t sing, she just talks in her songs, wtf is that shit? She can’t write good lyrics to save her life, luckily it doesn’t depend on that or we’d all be lucky right now. Anyway, katy perry sucks, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

  8. I bought Katy Perry’s new album at midnight on itunes the night it came out. I was not a huge fan of Katys, but I liked the tracks that were put onto itunes as previews for the upcoming album. After listening to the entire album, I came to the conclusion that “Teenage Dream” is in my top 10 albums of all time. Amazing work Katy!!!!!!!

  9. The album is great (I love Katy’s previous album as well), but I was disappointed to see that she didn’t write any of the songs on “Teenage Dream” by herself; however she has a co-write credit on every track. It was a let down after she penned three songs on her own for “One Of The Boys” as well as Kelly Clarkson’s “I Do Not Hook Up.” -and they were good songs! I guess the record label didn’t think too highly of her writing chops… I’m inclined to disagree.

  10. DLeon, thank you for posting that. I usually like ANYTHING that is panned by the critics. Once again, this album beats gag gag by a long shot!

  11. I bought the album and I can’t stop listening to it (Ok, maybe I do stop listening to it, to listen to Aphrodite)

    But hey, if we all agreed on everything , life would be dull

    At least, for me, Katy has her musical value

  12. Got the album and LOVE IT. Yes, some of it is generic and not exactly deep, but the songs are fun as hell to listen to. So far they all put me in a great mood. Highly recommend the album to anyone.

  13. peacock who am i living for and teenage dream are the best songs et is perfect for twilight last movie breaking dawn and pearl is horrible can hardly understand her i would remix pearl to make her vocals stand out more overall decent album if you like rauchy dance music

  14. I’m sorry, but anyone who has to resort to a gimmick of making their album cotton-candy scented can’t be anything more than fluff, easily forgotten in a year.

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