Would You Hit That?: Porter Wescott

You may have noticed that we’ve yet to cover Mason Wyler‘s HIV status. This is partially because it’s a very messy situation, packed with internal drama that we could never comprehend. On top of that, other blogs have been doing a great job at tackling this matter in a thought-provoking fashion.

Feel free to consider this a cop out, or call us cowardly for not taking a stance. But honestly? It’s not our place. If we’re going to say anything about this, we’ll leave it at this–Porter Wescott is a total douche. After ranting on his blog about the Wylers being bad roommates, he then tweeted that they were “spreading disease”. This was pretty much the springboard for a certain blogger to publish Mason’s status (whether he chooses to admit it or not).

Long story short, we would have thought Porter’s actions were immature regardless of whether they led to Mason getting outed as HIV-positive. In fact, it’s made watching his videos incredibly unpleasant, to the point that we can’t even enjoy watching him get fucked in the ass by Randy Blue newcomer Ash Taylor.

I mean, can you still fantasize about having sex with Porter after witnessing such catty behavior? It doesn’t matter whether you’re Team Mason or Team Porter. Hell, we’re not sure we’re either of the two. But when it all comes down to it… would you hit that?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

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2,380 thoughts on “Would You Hit That?: Porter Wescott

  1. He’s cute yes, but a total douche bag antic like that is so unbecoming, and a major turn-off. What an ass! That being said, this is the first of me hearing about Mason Wyler’s status, and my thoughts and prayers (even though I’m not religious in the slightest)go out to you. I wish you nothing but the best Mason! Always thought you were uber attractive, and knowing this won’t change that!

  2. I wouldn’t have fantasized about having sex with him in the first place. I don’t find him particularly attractive. He falls in to the “tries too hard to be pretty” category and ends up just looking like “white trash.” The closed-mouth kissing doesn’t help.

  3. 54% voted yes, when I just looked.
    Goes to show you that gay men just
    don’t care how much of an asshole
    you are when it comes to personality
    as long as you have a nice sexy asshole
    that they can fuck.

  4. I have no idea what the story is or who any of the people involved are. First I’ve heard of any of it at all. Based on looks alone, he’s got a great bod, so yeah. Although, the guy he’s with in these pics is by far the hottest I’ve seen on here in ages.

    Now that I’ve reread this, sounds just like the progression of any weekend – meet a guy, he’s hot, you find out he’s a DB and move on by Sunday!

  5. Porter got screwed over by the Wylers! I suppose that you’d rather he be mature about it and let the horrible roommates walk all over him?!?
    Mason sabotaged Porter’s blog after a blog was posted where Porter gave well thought-out and understandable reasons that they Wylers were bad roommates IN A MATURE FASHION!
    Wyler may be a victim in that someone (not Porter) revealed his HIV status, but Porter was also victimized by the Wylers! IF you had gotten the chance to read the blog post before Mason sabotaged it, you mgiht have been able to see that!
    Bottom line, I believe this blog post does not cover both sides of the story and does not show how Porter is more the victim and Mason got what was coming to him!

  6. I can say this…He’s a “Wigger.”. I hate trash talking gay boy’s. I’m sure he has things in his closet that he wouldn’t want exposed.

  7. He looks like a snide prick doesn’t he? Look at that queeny face. He looks like Derek Rivero’s big brother. He’s only impressive from the neck down.

  8. And another comment, Porter has been supportive of Mason throughout all of the turmoil going on, as far as wishing the Wylers the best after the moving out and still hoping the best for Mason after finding out about his HIV status!

    For those of you want to know that there is another side to this story, read Porter’s blog and hear it from him!


  9. …..Speaking of Mark Wilson….**knock, knock.**

    And this ain’t no knock knock joke.

    sniff. sniff.

  10. Enough bout the wanker, do a feature on the dude tagging him…Ash Taylor?? Sure looks like the real deal to me!!

  11. who’s the douche bag…MASON WYLERS NASTY ASS. pricks pos and isn’t telling anyone? On top of that he’s a crack-ho. Assholes one of the main reason so many young dudes are barebacking and spreading the shit…MORE POWER TO PORTER

  12. Well, I dunno about the problems between Wyler and Wescott. Honestly, is their problem, and how mature the fix it is not of our concern.

    However, I do find sad that something as big and delicated as an HIV status is used to get a reevnge from a mutual prank. More than being pro Wyler, I’m now anti Wescott, mostly becuz is not the way such an important info should be post it to the masses. I think that many HIV possitives are thinking the same: that was just offensive not only to Wyler, but for all as well, since he just took being HIV possitive as a prank and joke.

    I hope that Wyler keep going, that don’t let this disease bring him down and be a fighter. He’s still young, he’s still hot and he’s still awesome. A huge hug to Mason and I’m still gonna wait for Wyler’s next vid.

  13. If trash talking is a negative, then does that also apply to anyone trash talking this Porter guy?

    I wasn’t there, I don’t know the truth, and it’s none of my business.

  14. “Assholes one of the main reason so many young dudes are barebacking and spreading the shit…”

    Kg, how many have barebacked becuz of you?? =S

  15. I don’t think the guy is highly fuckable. Having said that, HIV and AIDS are part of the gay culture -that dirty side that runs in all families. This “witch hunt” mentality trying to denounce or hide it is part of the reason it’s still threatening society and our very freedom (as the more we react to it, the more the main stream society hates us). I would say whether you’re gay and religious or gay and cynical atheist, whether you only BB with hot guys or with everybody, enjoy your sexuality to the fullest and live with the consequences -yet don’t be a hyprocrite: the primal push in human sexuality is INTIMACY and intimacy of the flesh can only be obtained trhough BB. Nobody dies of AIDS nowadays.

  16. Hmmm really hot guy, but I’m sorry No, I would never tap that for one reason: what he did was wrong! And IF Mason is positive then he needs to either get out of this industry or be VERY careful. Either way it was up to Mason to tell people. He needs to confirm it.

  17. Nobody dies of AIDS nowadays???? I am so sad to hear someone say that in this day and age. Just because it isn’t in the news regularly doesn’t mean it isn’t still happening. Just goes to show that awareness is still of vital importance. I don’t discredit Rob, but it’s certainly a statement on society that a comment like that is even thought of.

  18. Just curious, Mason ranted against Porter too. Is there gonna be a post where you ask us if we’d hit that too? Could it be a different story, completely biased against Mason like this one was completely biased against Porter???

  19. I’m gonna giggle when he turns up poz…. Screw people for making an issue out of this. It’s not your business unless you’re gonna swap fluids with the guy.

  20. I’m sorry, but you people are redic. 1. If Mason is in porn, he is considered a public figure, just like any other actor, if someone says he has aids and tells the world it is not defamation. You are forgetting Mason bragged about how he barebacked with people and had sex all the time (everyone used to call him an asshole on this site before he came out having the disease) is anyone asking how many of his victims now have HIV as well? No they are not! Which is pathetic…this man put people not just in the industry at risk. I personally know people that have slept with him and have had the chance in the past. Thankfully I didn’t. This is not an attack on anyone with HIV, but you have to be realistic guys who don’t disclose their status put people at risk.

    Secondly to the guy that commented about him looking like he is fem when he gets fucked, are you a perfect 10? For some reason I doubt it. Everyone on these pages tear guys apart for being too skinny, or having their eyebrows too shaped, like seriously grow the fuck up! If you were off internet land in the real world most likely you would have sex with most of the guys you trash if they would even consider taking a second look at you. I don’t understand this new obsession with being masculine and feminine. People just need to be who they are, I used to meet guys when I was out that tried to be more fem because that was in then, now all the sudden masculine guys are the new thing. Again grow the fuck up! Be who you are and if you aren’t happy being who you are…well then you know what to do…cause its pathetic!

  21. i think ur all full of shit… who’s business is it really to worry about besides the two of them… i know Porter personally and he is a good guy.. there is nothing Douche Bag about him… Mason on the other hand is a single handed DOUCHE BAG… he is an asshole and should stop doing porn.. he aint even hot…. Porter is delish… would i do him? no… but i would let him do me… yum!!!!!

    and i agree with Mr. Kojote!

  22. TO HHH4873:

    Please,do us all a favor and make public whomever advises you in your legal matters. HE SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS! LOL!

    Being a public figure has NOTHING to do with your private and confidential medical records being publicly exposed by some trash gossip blog degenerate.

    Your welcome

  23. For HHH (couldn’t care less about the whole thing between those 2, really any of our business??)-

    But Mr. HHH… When 2 -or more people for that matters- have unprotected sex it is only each one’s responsibility. Mr whateverishisname, positive or not, has put nobody at risk… You put yourself at risk everytime you have unprotected sex, regardless of the other one disclosing or not his status. It is your responsibility, not anyone else’s.

  24. What an interesting post from a site that Marcus Wyler used to work for! Very one sided. As someone who knows that group of people from the outside no one is mentioning that Marcus and Mason were fucking half of them, and not revealing the poz status of the couple! It was attempted murder if you ask me. According to Porter he didn’t know and judging from the way one of their friends who did know was the night the story broke (devastated and depressed)when I talked to him I believe it. The Wyler boys are a couple that the asian boyfriend dreamed up and uses to lure boys in (like me) and then Mason never leaves his study. Thank God I left when I did or I could be Poz today! So, Yes I’m Team Porter, mistake or on purpose this boy probably saved some boys lives!

    Team Porter!

  25. potblessed…pull your head out of your ass moron…look around you, dipshit…people follow others all the time and always will….are you that fucking stupid?

  26. I never liked Mason Wyler. He came across as a stuck up snot who thinks his shit dont stink. I could care less about his status. If he takes his medication, no drugs(no you cant take drugs and expect HIV meds to work)he should be fine. But I still dont care.

  27. To all my supporters Thank you, To everyone else Thank you as well. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I am glad some of you dont support me (yet) To clear the air, I did not know of his HIV status, It was a shock and I would never wish it upon ANYONE. They Wylers were good guys at one point and yes I saw many boys come in and out of this house to see “Mason” but it was his boyfriend who would try and luir you in. Mason loved his computer and that is where you would find him 99% of the time. Great guy when he is alone but his boyfriend is very demanding. If you would like to get to know me chat with me any time. My old blog was deleted by the Wylers so My new site just launched last week. http://www.theporterwescott.com or you can find me on facebook. All in all Thank you and if you give me a chance rather than believe petty rumors Im sure you would see Im not a Douche Bag.

    Peace Out Bro Scouts,

    Porter Wescott

  28. As someone who is HIV+ I find myself compelled to comment here on a number of different matters.

    1) The article represents the fact that HIV positivity is so hush hush and awful. We live in a sad sad world where the pornography industry is bombarding us with more and more images and availability of barebacking sex and as our community grows in numbers of HIV no one wants to talk about it and those with HIV are labeled as “dirty” or unclean. You then have the gays so fearful of rejection, of not being wanted that many lie about their status.

    2) I agree with the posts that regardless of your status that if you choose to have bareback sex you need to be able to accept the consequences with that. All to often when questioning positive men they cant accept the blame for their actions and it was, “oh a bf gave it to me, or he cheated, or a condom broke”. What needs to happen is accountability. I say I am not a victim. I engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse and I got HIV. It was a risk I knew about it and chose to accept.

    3) If this is the case, Mason Wyler is so concerned about his career when in fact he should use what shred of celebrity he has to educate the public on HIV. It kills me that in 2010 I am still having conversations with men aged 18 to 50 who are still unaware and educated on HIV.

  29. Yeah Dewitt I usually think that you’re a great blogger but I’m not cool with the question. Porter’s actions are very serious: too serious to be treated as a “would you hit that”.

  30. Atticcus, thanks for your thoughtful post.

    I disagree with your thought here however:

    “If this is the case, Mason Wyler is so concerned about his career when in fact he should use what shred of celebrity he has to educate the public on HIV”

    I posted rigorously in Mason’s defense of privacy in his HIV exposure.

    However, Mason is no more a role model for HIV than George Bush is for intellect.

    You don’t suddenly wake up one day after being ignorant and reckless for the past number of years and say..: “oh shit I’m HIV+ I guess I’ll do a 180 and become a role model for our youth.”

    Well, at least mason wyler won’t. He’s not wired like that.

  31. I don’t know who these people are. lol.

    Although I have wondered in the past why MH doesn’t do more serious posts from time to time?

  32. OK, I find the editor’s motives in this to be suspicious. First of all, I hadn’t heard of this controversy until you guys posted a blog about it. So you get to (pardon the expression) spread the rumor without having to take any responsibility for it. Was this to done to drive page views? Why the weak, “Hey, Mason Myler has HIV. We’re not going to say anything about the fact that Mason Wyler has HIV” post?

    Secondly, we’re talking about people who get paid money to be fucked in the ass on camera. None of this is surprising to me.

  33. Everyone here is the skinny…..

    ‘when u drive your car, u KNOW to put a seatbelt on coz’ there are irresponsible other drivers OUT THERE who might cause you harm’.

    IF you choose to fuck or be fucked without rubber then YOU are derelict in your OWN duty of SELF-PRESERVATION…the same as if u jumped in your car minus a seatbelt….

    IT’S YOUR choice people…
    blaming others for not PROTECTING you will not restore your health.WAKE UP and take responsibilty for your own lives.

    Mason may be wrong in his actions, HOWEVER Porter is a fool for believeing the world will protect him…save yourselves or wear at least half the blame.

  34. upaid bills, people returning to pick up the furniture they paid for, “friends” sleeping with ex’s, the status of people who are friends in one post and enemies in the next, yada yada yada…

    with loads of nasty things to say about the men in his life, porter’s blog makes him sound less than appealing. while it could be fun to hook up with him it wouldn’t be worth the trouble of having him bad mouth you afterward. if he’s trying to drive some traffic to his blog, perhaps he could start writing about some nice stuff, like the charity work which gets just a fraction of column space, rather than the latest man who has done him wrong. pity, cause i thought he was kinda hot until i started reading his blog.

    and maybe randy blue needs to assess if this is the kind of thing they want to be associated with.

  35. I have to agree with a few of the posters, in voicing my disappointment in Dewitt and the topic of the post. Very distasteful that you would take advantage of a situation very few knew of, and use it to spread rumor / innuendo, and pose such a question as “would you hit that”. Dewitt, you’ve lost alot of points in my book.

  36. It amazes me the number of men that freak about the % that would hit that … just cuz he’s poz? Isn’t that what the community has been saying, just have safe sex and you’ll be safe? Don’t studies show that, short of a condom break or something catastrophic, a neg man fucking a poz bottom is perfectly safe with a condom? Then why in the hell would I NOT hit that fine ass?!

    To the buckle up point – true enough, but I don’t judge the person that occasionally forgets to wear his seatbelt – murphy’s law. I’ve talked to so many poz men that know exactly the one time they let their guard down and allowed to be BB’d … while this is much more serious, I agree tho that it’s no one’s fault but his own, if that’s the situation this time. however, just as Mason is wrong, you are wrong to come off so damned judgmental

    this is the biggest concern I have about getting into a relationship. I know so many men that play on the side and that opens up so much risk to the unknowing partner. would I exclude someone from a relationship cuz their poz however, no I wouldn’t. sometimes that would be better, I’d rather have the bounds of 2 committed neg men fully enjoying each other where raw is safe … but …

  37. I have noticed him frequently in my local mh chat room. His profile said he was in a hotel room waiting for action. I am glad I wasn’t interested in hooking up w/ barebacking porn guys(not stars)

  38. I can’t even stand to look at Porter now. his immature actions have turned me off.
    Also turned off by Randy Blue as they seem to be associating with a lot of douche bags.

  39. Team Porter all the way here. I’m embarassed by the way Mason has handled himself in all of this and feel that he has demonstrated he has learned absolutely nothing.

  40. The only people who should know about someones HIV-/+ status are the two very people who are having sex with each other/s. HIV is no longer a death sentence, every one should get tested frequently, advise your sex mates as to your status or ask them, use precautions, condums, and follow your medically prescribed treatment.

  41. no, i wouldn’t “hit” That.

    not because of the Mason Situation but, rather, i’m just not digging his look, at this moment.

    (coïncidentally: one of the above pictures makes it look like porter’s doing the very thing which had gotten old mason in trouble.)

    speaking of.. ..i do feel that, in this particular case, porter shouldn’t be criticized for his speaking out.

    if i’m not mistaken, HIV is regarded as, at least, one of the top 20 most dangerous pathogens — in other words, HIV is still a pretty big deal.

    so. . .since mason was acting recklessly, i can’t find fault with porter’s eventual response to it.

    now, if instead Porter was lying about something that serious, then he’d need to be jailed for 5 years.
    (thankfully, it is very quick/easy to get an HIV-Antibody Test, in this day & age!)

    honestly, though..
    ..i don’t really care about this — there are millions of africans who are HIV-positive, for example: most of whom probably have no hope of ever seeing a “med,” much less 5, 10, 20 more years of life, after contracting the disease.

  42. Yes I’d hit that. He’s a bitch just like all the other bitches that I may have slept with. So yeah, I’d hit that! That some realnice booty man!

  43. Doc, is the best post on here. It is NOT a death sentence any longer! He is so right! Medication has come a long way.
    I also agree that it should be kept between the two people or whoever the HIV poz person decides to tell besides the other person he is having sex with. It’s not to be decided for him just to get back at him. If that starts to happen, no one will want to share their status anymore for fear that someone will tell, just as in this case.

  44. Sex is such a good thing I am not going to give it up. I have had sex with different guys and I am sure that they have not been tested or shared their status. Until I have a commited relationship, I will still play the field. I recently had a situation where I was contacted by the Board of Health regarding sex with a guy who had syphalis. Fortunately I tested neg for all STDs. We take riskes every day. Sex is just one of those.

  45. I don’t know what to say but I will say what I believe. IMHO it seems that Mason wyler was conducting his sexual life recklessly. Anyone can contract hiv, but to go rogue on bareback and wish to be a CumDumpster is a risky business. Or stupid as Mason Wyler called it himself. Before everyone throw stones on Porter, I would advise to read this

    This blogger had spent time making a chronicles on Mason Wyler and his BB thoughts.

    I will not judge Mason, but it seems that he had previous issues that he need to work on. whether its confusion, boredom, acceptance or self esteem. That ever you choose to do you will eventually comes in terms with boredom. Its your choices and you have to accept consequences.

  46. Porter W is an ok face with an ok dick (as far as porn is concerned) looking to stretch his time in the sun by riding on the (bare) backs of others. Hope it was worth it.

  47. Personally, I don’t think sex is that good to risk my health. To be frank, I get off better looking at architecture. And yes, I would speak out against it if I knew someone(s) was risking the health of others. I don’t think it makes a person a BITCH because they speak out against it. If anything, it makes the person with the disease a bitch because he or she wants his or her fucking cake and ice cream instead of telling others the truth. You can’t be ashamed of what you have because you damn sure weren’t ashamed when you were risking your life for it. Gay men need to stop being so damn disgusting. Just because you’re gay and a man that doesn’t give you the right to run loose. It’s shameful.

  48. Medication has come a long way, I take a baby aspirin every day as suggested by my
    MD. If several of my friends would have used safer practices over the years they might be taking one too, instead of several pills to keep them alive. One of those little pills helps keep you from shitting in your pants.

    I’m neg, play safe and have been getting tested since March of 1986.

    I have a lot of dead friends.

    I’m a selfish person, One reason I want to stay neg is so being poz will never be a reason for me not dating, fucking, or getting into a relationship with a guy that only plays or dates neg men. The thought of infecting another person also really scares me.

    I’m a selfish person that doesn’t want to die the way a lot of my friends did.

  49. While there are two sides to every story, I feel he went too far in tweeting someone’s HIV status to get back at them. What comes around goes around and Karma can be a bitch!

  50. There’s a pretty bold and thick line between ‘hot asshole’ and ‘three day old, festering douchebag’. When you cross this obvious, police-taped, barb-wired fence in such a manner as this, I wouldn’t let you touch me with a ten foot pole.

    Even if that pole was your dick.


  51. better yet..
    ..i’m starting to really wish that you never made a blog post about this “matter.”

    and it is striking me as being disingenuous that you’d publish so many pictures (plus Video!) of the very gentleman you’d lambasted.

    you shouldn’t get yourself involved in, nor pass judgments on, situations where The Complete Truth is not available, dewitt: because from the other things that i’ve actually taken time from out of my life to read, this whole mess doesn’t appear to be one that’s cut & dried.

    as it stands right now, i don’t believe mr. wescott should be cast in a favourable light either.

    on another note. . .this is not the Day & Age to be blithely saying “only the [two] people who are having sex should know each other’s HIV-status.”

    case•in•point: those people who choose to disclose their being HIV-Positive in public ADs and Personals Profiles (where, potentially, 5+ Billion Individuals can see it).
    god bless them for being forthright.
    and, god bless those others (who, to the best of their knowledge, are still HIV-Negative) who don’t act all irrationally towards those, so infected.

    i, also, wish HIV was but a mere trifle.
    however, We continue to make a big deal out of this little virus for a rather pretty salient reason — it’s a major bio•hazard that is currently incurable and, as yet, only a scant few can afford to control with a regiment (that imbues as few side effects as possible).

    in other words.. ..anyone who has a higher-than-normal risk of exposing another is behooved to disclose this fact to them — and much more sooner than later. if i ever contract HIV, the first i find out about it i’ll make it boldly known in my Personals Profiles & ADs.

    my reasoning?

    because i want to do some “reversed weeding-out.”

  52. if you know that you have hiv without telling the person and have unprotected sex you can be sued and screwed for life but you know what would be nice? strong anal condoms that dont break as easy!

  53. Bravo to everyone who said we don’t know the whole truth… And you never will… This is something that you guys don’t get. There are seven people very effected by this. Team Porter will never be allowed to speak its truth. Team Mason won’t even talk to Team Porter about anything rather than name calling. So they don’t see both sides. Just like Team Porter has lashed out without facts.

    All This Is Thanks To Mason’s Puppet Master.

    Was it worth it Puppet Master?

  54. Porter – you are extremely sexy! don’t mind all the ‘bs’ that is coming your way from people that are stupid,jealous, juvenile…. As they say, let the small things roles off your back.. and these people are definitely small.
    Best of luck! I’m sure great things are in store for you, handsome. 🙂

  55. i still find it funny that with all this bashing of Porter…. the poll still shows 61% would tap his ass…. so it looks like whether you people wanna talk shit about him… he still has many peeps who wanna tap his fine, muscly, sexy ass…. hmmm think about that….

    hey Dewitt…. go ahead and post a Mason one and do it just like u did this one and see what the result is… that would b great… thanks…. mmmmm i think i would choose Porter still… at least there i wouldnt catch something… instead of fucking with Mason’s ugly ass and catching something because he lied and hid the fact that he was infected…. sit on that!

  56. This is pathetic. Wyler had an account that he was ACTIVE on, looking for hookups and still having a neg status. I’m not saying he should have “outed” his status, but he could have just not answered that part. Seems like some website is intent on bringing Porter down, which sounds oddly like the Wylers’ new stance. Pathetic.

    Team Porter.

  57. Also, Porter did NOT tweet that Mason was HIV positive. His tweet about him spreading diseases related to hepatitis (which is what he was told).

  58. The story has been presented as bias against Porter acts of warning about Wylers unfair acts of spreading infection. It seems that the blogger (Dewitt) had already chose side without investigating the truth. Or does manhunt real CONDONE Wyler’s behavior of unsafe reckless sexual acts? Or does manhunt real cheer him up in his acts of having sex without disclose his status which can lead to rigorous spread of infection? Oops, I forget that this is manhunt and not match.com !!!

    Manhunt need to clean its acts. Having sex without disclosing your status is an evil act. Period. What I don’t understand is why there is no backlash for Wylers actions? Dewitt, are you there?

  59. Dear Everyone,

    At no point in this post do I say that I condone Mason Wyler’s behavior. In fact, I’ve even lashed out at him in the past for promoting bareback sex as “hotter”. Not to mention his racist and anti-Semitic comments of the past…

    If you need further evidence that I’m NOT Team Mason, go and read his blog. He specifically asked his “supporters” to never write about or give Porter Wescott any attention.

    Yes, I realize that Porter thought Mason had Hepatitis C when he tweeted that he’s “spreading disease”. On top of that, I realize that the Wylers did a whole lot of fucked up things to Porter.

    However, no one should EVER be excused for publicly stating that someone is “spreading disease”. It’s wrong on so many levels, and I don’t want to hear any arguments to the contrary.

    Was I out of line in calling Porter Wescott a “total douche”? Perhaps. I apologize if this caused him any emotional stress, but I still stand by the general sentiment of this post.

    I hope that clears things up to some extent. Thank you all for reading!

    – Dewitt

  60. Thanks Dewitt for straightening things up. I know I over reacted in my posts but we all for the good homo-hood. Personally, I do love the dedication you and Andy put in manhuntdaily. Keep up the good work and hopefully, one day you will dickmatized us with your hot personal pics (or manhunt chat cams).

  61. I’m a little concerned on how MH daily suddenlly edited the page and erase many posts on the subject from who, at the end, are the ones who should be interested, wich ius us the MH daily blog readers, just to avoid problems with both “teams”.

    As I stated before it was erased, I think that the problems between those “two teams” is between them and them only, no matter how mature (or inmature) they are.

    However, my claim, more than being who is right or wrong, is about how no one should ever treat an HIV status in matter of joke, revenge, public info, prank or else. This is a serious thing, and no matter how much hate are between those two teams (kind of Capulet-Monstesque), publishing another person status was wrong, and why not to say it, stupid, reckless and from a “total douche.”

    My condolesce for Wyler and hope to get trou this, and hope, for the sake of all that this topic will be banished with the time.

  62. A douche?…who the fuck cares…I would, eat it, suck it, and fuck it repeatedly…a bottom cunt was made to plow hard…don’t care about the bitchy gay drama…I fuck…end of story…

  63. Don…. Really? Cunt does not EVER refer to male anatomy. Whether you like it or not, there are differences in the male and female bodies.
    Awww. Why waste my breath?

  64. “assume everyone is positive for every sexually-transmittable infection.”

    “don’t take anyone’s word that he is negative for everything.”

    until that day comes when humans are equipped with Optical Scanners that can instantly reveal others’ status of health, down to the most minute of Detail, then anyone who chooses to have sex should not presume he is “clean.”
    (standard latex condoms are cool, but even They have a small chance of failing to completely capture germs from genitally-secreted fluids — not to even mention actual condom breakages.

    and, as i’d said some months ago, no single one of us can, nor should, ever presume that we hadn’t fallen into that “Unlucky 3%” with any instance of `safer sex´ we have.)
    Sex is Fun.

    Sex is inherently Risky.

    Sex is Gambling.

    so i won’t be giving wyler my condolences (assuming he did, in fact, become HIV-positive by infected semen that he’d allowed someone to put into his ass cavity); but i don’t think he’d want anyone’s, anyway — actually, i believe he’d be the first to declare, “i am in no position to expect for anyone to ‘feel sorry’ for me, because for months•on•end i had publicly detailed just how much i love being a Cum Dumpster.”

    on the other hand, i wouldn’t say that mason’s or anyone else’s life becomes “over,” just because their serostatus is outed — case•in•point, i probably wouldn’t have known mason was HIV+ for at least a few more years, (if ever), had you not made a blog post about it, D.

    and, as i’ve also stated, previously.. ..it really is not possible for me to care any less about The Mason Situation than i do right now: this time, you can say that his being HIV-Positive is not something i need to concern myself with, because *i’m* not having sex with the gentleman.
    in other words, i won’t judge him for being Poz (and i imagine that many people wouldn’t be bothered enough to do so, either); instead, i will judge mason for any less-than-responsible decisions he had made and will continue making.

    (the same as for anyone else.)

    and.. ..if any one person consistently demonstrates that he isn’t going to be responsible enough to inform his future sex partners that he is the harbourer of A Bio•hazard, before he Gets It On with them, then maybe someone else should just take care of that task for him.

    i mean..
    ..what do you think would happen if a scorned sex partner decides to sue his infector? if it happens to be a serious enough case, The Media will eventually become involved. and his “business” will then be put on Major Blast then. (this, to not even mention whatever would be available in the “public record,” besides.) but, probably only in those small back•water towns where the denizens have nothing else better to do, will this be major news for more than a week, or three, or even a few years, at best.

  65. Damn, that’s intense…what kindda person just does that…that’s personal information that should be told by Mason to the people he’s intimate with. And not BLASTED all over the net! -.-
    man, people can be cruel….

  66. um, hello — these are porn stars. are we actually supposed to be surprised they are POZ or have people out to expose their dirt?

  67. When you’re a slut like Mason, you get what you have coming to you. He should just poz that on again off again guy he always blogs about and go live in a cave dripping with cum. Seems to be what he wants. Geash

  68. To be honest I wouldn’t go at it with Mason or Porter-they’re porn stars so for one not really surprised that Mason is positive-you have sex for a living so by starring in porn you’re playing extreme Russian Roulette anyway.
    Porter is a porn star so again, not touching it and he looks like my old boss who I couldn’t stand so he loses points there as well lol.

  69. Wow, what a Cunty bunch!!

    Correction: ManHunt and the Cunty Bunch!!

    Well, the majority seems to be. I’m with Team Doc (the first post way up there!)

    That’s all I have to say.

    (Where’s my 12″ of Cunty by Kevin Aviance?)

  70. POZ or not hes still a human and should treated as such. BEING POZ DOESN’T MAKE HIM ANY LESS A HUMAN THEN THE NEXT. It’s people that discriminate against people that are POZ that should be treated less human

  71. I just got to add that we (or atleast I) don’t have the exact details on this, but if Mason was still having random hook-ups or going around with other guys and failing to mention his status to them, then Porter is doing everyone a service by making it public. I feel bad for Mason, and I honestly wish him the best and hope the best for him, but if he was going around keeping that secret from his partners (to which from how the twit-post was written makes it sound like this case) then it’s a dick move that something the scum of the earth would do.

    I’m not really attacted to Porter physically, and I’m all for privacy (especially in this case where it can lead to harassment and abuse), but Porter is in the right here, and I feel calling him out by those names is unfair and distasteful. So even if I wouldn’t “Hit That”, I’d still stick by him as if I would.

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