Caption This: Shower Buddies

Locker room? College dorm? Wherever these two boys are hanging out, it’s relatively clear that they could use a good caption or two. Why else would they cover their crotches with bubbles? Bust out your funniest commentary for this image, and you could become next week’s winner!

We sifted through all 140 comments from the last round, so you can imagine that it wasn’t easy to choose a winner! In the end, we went with a caption that completely caught us off guard, but there were so many other great choices in the mix.

– Dewitt

To check out last week’s winning caption, follow the JUMP:

Congratulations to Anthony for winning last week’s round!

77 thoughts on “Caption This: Shower Buddies

  1. Thanks ‘Head & Shoulders’! We definetly aint got to worry about dandruff…now for the ‘head’ part…

  2. if i ever find out which one of my frat bros filled my lube with shampoo, I’m kickin’ some soapy ass!

  3. Two more unsuccessful auditioners for the all-nude Smurf musical set to open on Broadway in October…

  4. When they said ‘apply lube to head’ is this what they meant?


    We bent down to pick up the soap and everything got a little inflated

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