Active Duty: Salute These Soldiers’ Dicks!

Ripley and Princeton Price are dedicated soldiers of fuck, and they’re on duty in each other’s asses! Ok, that was supposed to be some sort of military analogy but they can’t all be winners. These two are SLAVERING for each other’s dicks, and they’re quickly deep-throated. This leads to Price taking Ripley’s ass on a series of maneuvers. That’s another military analogy. Ok, I’m stopping now. My favorite part of this Active Duty scene? When Princeton blows his load, he GOES BACK IN ON RIPLEY’S ASS BECAUSE HE’S NOT SATIATED. Fuck, it takes me at least a couple of minutes to get it back up. Don’t judge me. These are fuck professionals and I’m just a fuck blogger! Click here for more.

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Michael Xavier

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