Just for Fun: Position of the Week

TOTALLY different from the straight version. 


The hetero version of this position is described no fewer than seven different ways on the many different sites I visited looking for an explanation of the mechanics of this (yes, I do research sometimes so I don’t sound silly), so I don’t know what straight people consider the butterfly position (nor am I especially glad to have “easy access to reach down and stimulate her clit”), but when it’s dudes smooshing, this is one of my personal favorites.  And the Gay Sex Positions Guide tumblr illustrates exactly why.

This week’s position is Butterfly!



This is the best of all worlds for me. You get to see the dude’s face and basically just use his body to masturbate your own dick! It’s perfect! And if you get bored, his dick is right there for you to play with.


Find somebody to try it on and report back!


– tyler

6 thoughts on “Just for Fun: Position of the Week

  1. That was the last position I was fucked in for 30 minutes felt awesome and the guy could easily watch his dick working my hole! Blew two loads with him doing me like that!

    BTW like they show in the pictures a pillow under the small of the back to up angle the ass is best take my word for it does wonders for the aim and feel! “WINK”

  2. Oh yes my all time favorite position, there’s nothing better then macking on your partner whilst pounding him silly

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