Would You Hit That?: Tim Tebow

Let’s talk about Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos! More importantly, let’s talk about how he’s a model for the Jockey underwear brand, yet his promotional images feature virtually no underwear. We don’t mean that in the fun “he’s naked below the waist” kind of way. In the most revealing shot, he’s literally just standing there in an undershirt.

Look, Tebow’s already on our shit list for the whole Focus on the Family incident. We understand that he’s down with G-O-D, but the man affiliated himself with a blatantly anti-gay organization. While we don’t necessarily expect a heavily religious football player to march next to us in a pride parade, we’d at least like a little common decency.

To add insult to injury, he doesn’t even take his clothes off for an underwear photo shoot! This was supposed to be the moment where we’d shamefully fantasize about pulling his tighty whities off with our teeth, then proceed to deepthroat his cock in a sweaty locker room. And he totally blew it. Ugh, we can’t even bother with this bitch anymore…

– Dewitt

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Once upon a time, when Tebow actually stripped down. Click here for more pics!

And here’s the video, in which Tebow reveals he’s a “briefs” man…