Woof Alert: Archer & Maxx Drakos (No Hands Cum Shots)

There was another subject slated for this week’s Woof Alert, until I spotted demolition dude Archer on The Guy Site. He’s got that “normal guy” appeal, with his fuzzy torso, beautiful blue eyes and a dash of gray hair sprinkled in his goatee. Plus, he’s wearing a cowboy hat. I’m a sucker for cowboy hats, especially when the man wearing it actually looks like he could be a real cowboy.

Then, of course, there’s Maxx Drakos! He’s not a cowboy in any way, shape or form, but he was allegedly referred to the site by someone named “Bronson”. We have a hunch about who that might be. Spoiler alert! Our hunch involves gay porn star Bronson Gates, and we’d like to think his face has been buried in those pubes at some point or another.

So, uh, which of these hairy gentlemen would you rather play with?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: The Guy Site

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Maxx Drakos: