Secret Sex: Mo Rocca

Mo Rocca is the sexiest nerd on the fucking planet. This is a well-known fact within the “guys who are attracted to brainy dudes” community, though we don’t expect you non-nerd-lovers to understand his appeal. As if it weren’t already for Mo to be a witty, bespectacled and thoroughly fap-worthy comedian/writer, he also happens to be openly gay. And, apparently, single.

Wait, wait! Don’t tell me* that it’s possible for a man this crush-worthy to not have a boyfriend. He must be too busy giving people boners to worry about settling down. Oh my gosh! Do you think he’s secretly a huge slut? Just say “yes”, so I can proceed to fantasize about our one night stand together. You can keep your pretty boys. All I need is some Mo in my life.

– Dewitt

* See what I did there? I’m so clever. But not as clever as Mo Rocca. ::swoon::

To see Mo Rocca shirtless, follow the JUMP:

Short video of Mo’s dancing:

And here’s a report about walking cats: