Raw Dogs: Let’s Hear It For Straight Boys That Need $$$

Brandon Evans’s boner is almost TEARING through his underwear. Scruffy Mikah Lake is having the same issue. These straight boys are hungry for money and each other. It’s the quintessential Broke Straight Boys scene and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Brandon goes down on Mikah too, giving him head and licking his balls while he fingers Mikah’s ass, getting a good feel for that tight hole before he lubes up and slowly pushes his bareback dick inside of it.

They can’t get their clothes off fast enough! No fluffers needed for this scene! Brandon uses all of the muscles in his core to deliver Mikah a righteous fuck.

Mikah takes that dick like a pro, letting out a small moan as Brandon pushes the last inch of his long shaft into Mikah and starts to fuck him hard. Brandon can’t get enough of that tight hole and he fucks Mikah right to the edge of the bed, taking him on the floor next as Mikah strokes his own cock.

Yeah, the fucking is so potent that these two go off the bed! I hope they got paid accordingly. If the dick is so good you fly off, well, you should be compensated in full!
There’s more of Brandon and Mikah here.

Michael Xavier