Super-Sized Broke Straight Boys Post! (And They’re On Sale!)

I’m so glad these guys are poor. That’s a horribly cynical thing to say, especially if these guys have drug issues or are just plain desperate for $$$ (let’s be real – that’s sometimes the motivation to do porn, especially if you identify as straight). But, from the viewpoint of a guy just looking to […]

Broke Straight Boys: Jared Marzdon And Ronan Kennedy Fuck Bareback

We haven’t check in with Broke Straight Boys for awhile. Guess what? There are still “straight” boys looking for cash using their cocks and asses. Here’s Jared Marzdon raw dogging a load into Ronan Kennedy. It seems like only yesterday that Ronan was fucking a guy for the first time. It’s almost a shame that […]

Broke Straight Boys: Mikey Wanted Dakota Ford’s Dick For His Birthday

And this vid is bareback, so there’s no need for gift wrapping. And Dakota Ford’s dick is what he got! These straight boys may be broke (I’m holding off on putting quotes around “straight” because I like to keep it positive here at Manhunt Daily), but they’ve got PLENTY of dick. If you’re into the […]

Hold Up A Minute, Broke Straight Boys!

This buttfucking is suspect! Broke Straight Boys is concerned with, as you probably guessed, guys (whether straight or not is up to you) who are broke and willing to fuck on camera for the money. It fulfills that fantasy some of us have about desperate heteros willing to break their personal taboos in search of […]

Broke Straight Boys Model Rex Lane Returns On Maverick Men

Fans of the Maverick Men have likely heard that the gay porn couple has a new site coming soon, where you’ll be able to see Cole and Hunter directing models like Scott Harbor in scenes with one another. It’s also possible you’ve noticed that they’re, um, very hands-on in their directorial role, to the point […]

Party of Five: Broke Straight Boys’ 1000th Scene Bareback Orgy

Look, I don’t know why it’s a trend for studios to celebrate certain milestones with big bareback orgies, but apparently this is something that gay porn studios think you all want to see. (Hi, Bel Ami!) They may be right, or they may be crazy. We’re not all fans of group scenes, and with sites […]

These Broke Straight Boys Aren’t Kodi, But I Guess They’re Also Okay.

So apparently that Manhunt exclusive sale on Broke Straight Boys is still going on? This is especially good news if you like your bottoms convincingly reluctant, allegedly inexperienced and questionably heterosexual! You can get a membership to the site for $14.87 a month, and as long as you stick with them, you’ll keep getting that […]