Jake Ashford Gets Spit-Roasted By Brad Banks And My Secret Boyfriend Ashton McKay

Oh, Ashton McKay. You are my secret boyfriend. Ashton the beautiful. Ashton the straight guy who is REALLY skilled at gay sex. Oh, Ashton.

There ARE two other players in this latest scene from MEN’s Reverse Peeping Tom, Brad Banks and Jake Ashford. And they are almost as beautiful and fuckworthy as Ashton. In fact, Jake Ashford gets impaled on both Ashton and Brad’s cocks so firmly that they could spin him around like that. And they keep switching sides, too, so each guy gets to sample his mouth AND his ass. You’re probably wondering why Ashton is fucking other dudes when he’s my secret boyfriend. It’s just that he doesn’t know it yet! Click on over to MEN to see more, but don’t you dare try to steal my boyfriend. JEEZUS, does he do it for me.

p.s. That’s my booty bouncing on Ashton. SHUT UP, YES IT IS!

Michael Xavier