Will Jake Ashford Find Love With Aspen?

Probably not. Especially since Aspen found Jake Ashford’s name on the stall in the men’s room. It’s the next chapter in MEN’s “For A Good Time Call…” This week, Aspen dials Jake’s digits! He arrives at Jake’s place to find a candlelit dinner waiting for him. Jake wants more than a dick-wetting. He wants love! […]

Connor Maguire And Jake Ashford Are Working Dads

MEN’s Dad Group, Part 1 is my new favorite porn series due to this line of Jake Ashford’s: “Um, technically, our Dad group is a sex group…” Connor Maguire is everything beautiful and will one day carry me over the threshold over our starter home. He’s so masculine and cute when he says he’s “happily […]

MEN: Jake Ashford And Paul Canon Welcome Wesley Woods

I’ve always thought that the best way to deal with relationship issues is to bring in a third dude. Hey, it worked for Jake Ashford and Paul Canon. They’re staying at some combo bathhouse/hotel, and not getting along. Enter a very naked and semi-erect Wesley Woods! He comes back to kiss up in a solo […]

Jake Ashford Gets Spit-Roasted By Brad Banks And My Secret Boyfriend Ashton McKay

Oh, Ashton McKay. You are my secret boyfriend. Ashton the beautiful. Ashton the straight guy who is REALLY skilled at gay sex. Oh, Ashton. There ARE two other players in this latest scene from MEN’s Reverse Peeping Tom, Brad Banks and Jake Ashford. And they are almost as beautiful and fuckworthy as Ashton. In fact, […]

Diego Sans Interrogates Jake Ashford With His Cock

I’m going to have to write a sequel to the “5 Times Diego Sans Made Us Jizz” post. Diego Sans is a spy and Jake Ashford is his bound and gagged prey. Jake better talk or else. “Or else” in this case means getting Diego’s big, curved dick fucking his mouth, and then his hole. […]

A New Johnny Rapid Scene Portends A Good Week (And A Word From M.X.)

Firstly, I have an announcement to make. Friday will be my last day here at Manhunt/Manhunt Daily. I know, my five readers are maybe mildly distressed. I am moving on to greener pastures or whatever cliche suits you. The status of Manhunt Daily, however, is up in the air. Unfortunately, it isn’t making the porn […]

Twitter Feed (Me): It’s Monday, Porn Tweets Will Cheer You Up

My apologies for “Twitter Feed (Me)” being late this week (or last week). Sometimes I don’t know if you guys are into a feature or not until I get an angry e-mail (daily@manhunt.net) asking me why I didn’t post it. I hear you! And I’m responding! – Michael Xavier Jake Ashford is taking matters in […]

Twitter Feed (Me): If You’ve Got It, Tweet It

Hey, look – it’s amusing/informative/filthy tweets from porn stars. Take it away, boyz. – Michael Xavier Jake Ashford by Fort Troff Loving my new @FortTroff jock pic.twitter.com/mRdJwBmcbK — Jake Ashford (@jake_ashfordxx) April 20, 2017 Aspen has a good question. Who was the top and whose the bottom between buzz lightyear and woodie from toy story?@JohnnyRapidATL […]

The “Dad Group” Orgy Is The Greatest Porn Scene Of All Time

Readers, I am stunned. STUNNED. I might be stunned. MEN’s “Dad Group” series just gave us the hottest, most devastating scene of all time. DAD GROUP, PART THREE will go down in history as the scene that made Michael Xavier’s (that’s me) cock explode. Dad Group, Part Three brings: – Connor Maguire – Ashton McKay […]

MEN: Two Of My Favorite Porn Dudes Have Cum Together

Ashton McKay and Aspen! Ashton McKay and Aspen! ASHTON MCKAY AND ASPEN!!!!! Two of my faves. Two members in good standing of the “Michael Xavier’s Secret Boyfriend Club!” This is MEN‘s Dad Group, Part 2. Remember last week when Jake Ashford inducted Connor Maguire with his ass? Well, this week Aspen’s snagged Ashton McKay for […]