Eddy Adams Has A 9×8 Inch Dick.

The biggest dick I’ve ever seen belonged to Lucas Entertainment model Ben Andrews, who (allegedly) came in at a whopping 11×9 inches. Years ago, he approached me at a party and asked to “smooch” me. When I informed him that I had a boyfriend, he asked if he could have a “friend smooch”.

Then he showed me his penis.

He was flaccid at the time, so technically the biggest dick I’ve ever seen was more like 9×7 inches. There may or may not be a video of me attempting to deepthroat it and gagging in the process. One can never be sure of these things! And in the event that such a video does exist, there is no way I’d ever share a link with you. Nope. Never happening.

I’m bringing up all this random shit, because Dirty Tony model has an “abnormally large” 9×8 inch dick. This is the type of measurement that makes size queens rejoice and the rest of us clench our butt cheeks in fear. Where do you fall along that spectrum? I’d be somewhere in between, if he weren’t wearing that ridiculous necklace… I mean, did he get that at American Eagle in 1999? <– Sorry. This sounds so typically catty, but I just can’t handle that necklace.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dirty Tony

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