Dude! Bro! Zak Bagans Is So Hot That It’s Scary…

So, I’ve recently discovered this show called [who cares, that guy is cute]. It’s all about [who cares, that guy is cute]. My favorite episode was the one about [who cares, that guy is cute]. Okay, okay! So the show is called Ghost Adventures, and it’s all about yet another paranormal research team investigating creepy places around the country.

But, seriously, have you seen the host? He’s cute. I truly did discover the show one weekend scanning the tube for something to watch. When I saw Zak Bagans in night vision, I decided I had to see the daytime version. I wound up parking on the channel ’cause I got a little stiff… But it turns out the show is actually pretty good!

Admittedly, I’m not really buying the “paranormal guest stars” on the show but it’s done well. Plus, I can definitely give it to a show that plops their investigative team in the middle of Salem, MA looking for creepiness. Travel Channel, check it out.

– Diego

To watch Zak in action, follow the JUMP:

Outside of night vision:

Bonus shirtless pictures!

Also, he likes cookies: