Colby’s Crew: Brett Dylan Bets His Ass

How much do I love that main pic? It reminds me of dogs playing poker except hot. In the latest Colby’s Crew scene, rough and ready Aleks Buldocek and Jonah Fontana make Brett Dylan pay his poker debt the hard way. On the table, on all fours, ass cheeks spread. I’d probably watch those stupid pro poker games they show on ESPN 23 if they all ended this way.

On command, this young loser stands up and lets his husky victors strip him naked. He’s then commanded to get on the poker table, on his hands and knees, with his ass in the air. Aleks and Jonah then take turns lubing the kid’s hole with their saliva, slapping his ass and rimming his hole. Their tongues meet as they join as one in licking Brett’s hairy pucker. Brett’s loss is turning out to be a big win…

Ya think? Click here to swagger on over to Colby’s Crew for more of You Bet Your Ass!

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Jonah Fontana: Twitter

Michael Xavier


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