Colby’s Crew: Teddy Torres And Zac Hunter Buddy Up

The boys are making a getaway cabin into a sordid den of lust! Teddy Torres and Zac Hunter are among the guests and get into it. On the stairs. That’s horny cuz’ fucking in stairs isn’t comfortable. It’s cum desperation.

As things are getting heated, the guys decide to exit the room, leaving dreamy sleeping beauty to his dreams. They don’t get much further than the stairs. All are still asleep at this early hour, yet Teddy and Zac are wide awake and at full mast. Teddy goes down on Zac’s curved cock and delivers one of his talented blow jobs, fingering the kid’s hungry ass. Zac is now the object of Teddy’s focus as he laps, lubes and tongues the boy’s bountiful butt.

“Bountiful butt” indeed! Teddy ends up BLASTING that butt, shoving his cock in over and over. Zac almost wakes up the entire cabin. Apparently, there wasn’t a ball-gag laying around. Click here more.

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