Nate Stetson And His Pornstache Ride Johnny V Down “Route 69”

Ok, isn’t the pornstache on Nate Stetson just precious? Falcon Studios just released the first teaser for the upcoming Route 69. Basically, it’s a lot of sexy dudes fucking in a garage. In the first scene, Manhunt Daily favorite Johnny V gets his ass stuffed on top of car. We love when Johnny V gets […]

Huge Cocks: JJ Knight Rides Fane Roberts

Falcon’s Route 69 is on fire. (Someone might want to call a road crew.) It’s hard to miss the massive bulge in JJ’s pants and when he pulls his extra-large member out from hiding, Fane is right there to suck it. JJ’s dick is so big and thick that it’s hard for Fane to fit […]

7Q’s with Bravo Delta

I love interviews. It’s an excuse to ask reasonable people crazy questions and then laugh quietly about their answers. Or just to learn a little bit more about people you already like or admire.  And there’s plenty of blogs doing great, in-depth, “tell me about your v impt work with puppies and nuns and house-bound […]

Hot Seamen: Happy Columbus Day!

If you live in the US and read this blog, odds are good you know it’s Columbus Day! If you live in the north east part of the US, odds are good you got today off from work or school!  Not so for most guys in the south – I grew up down where this […]

I’ve Never Done This Before: Johnny FINALLY Gets Fucked On The Guy Site

Johnny is an amateur straight guy who made his solo debut on The Guy Site in 2007. Though there was pretty high demand for him to make a return performance, he disappeared for six years, only to resurface with yet another solo video in 2013 where, curiously, he refused to show his whole face. The latter […]

Now Presenting: The 50 Sexiest Men Of 2014

The fifty men you’re about to fuck with your eyeballs are the subjects of this year’s most popular Quickie and Manhunt Daily Wood entries. No editorial input was taken into account while compiling this post, and while I’ve toyed with the idea of doing another Editor’s Picks round-up this year, most of the individuals who […]

Ridiculously Gorgeous Muscle Jock Chad FINALLY Fucks Someone On Sean Cody

Good things come to those who wait! Chad made his debut on Sean Cody way back in December 2013, and after over six months of waiting and waiting, we just made the assumption he was going the same route as Hudson, Harris and other similar models who teased us with their solos, then never came back for […]

JAZZ UP YOUR JIZZ: My Complicated Adventures Taste-Testing A Cum Sweetener

When a man like me sees the words “Jazz up your jizz”, he finds them extremely difficult to resist. That’s how I discovered Sugar Cum. The ads were running right here on the pages of Manhunt Daily, and naturally, I became obsessed with them to an unnatural degree. It started with one tiny tweet, then […]

Exclusive Interview With Masseur, Porn Star & All-Around DILF Will Swagger

It doesn’t take very long to understand why Will Swagger‘s massage clients always leave satisfied. Shortly after sending him a message on Massage Men, he sent an extraordinarily sexy reply agreeing to do an interview for Manhunt Daily. That is customer service at its finest! Based on the very flirty conversation we had, I get […]